Oct 18, 2013

~BLOG TOUR: REVIEW & GIVEAWAY~ Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

Title: Sweet Home
Author: Tillie Cole
Genre: New Adult Romance
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"I had never put much thought into the story of Romeo and Juliet. Never once truly considered the plight of the ill-fated lovers or what they went through to be together. All that changed when my life spiraled onto a similar path."

The University of Alabama.
Crimson Tide Football.
One unattainable senior star Quarterback.

And, me, Molly Shakespeare, an English transfer student.
All it took was one look. One fateful gaze into a set of chocolate brown eyes and my world shifted on its axis. Only weeks into life at a new American College and he entered my world -- Romeo Prince.

Romeo's devastating bad-boy facade and stern tone captured my heart in an instant and for the first time in years, I'd found someone who ripped through my defenses, I'd found my home, I'd found someone who made me... feel.
A darkness.
An uncontrollable anger.
An almost-realized NFL dream.

Romeo Prince, on the surface, had it all; looks, money and talent in abundance. In reality he was a pawn, a puppet tied to his parent’s rigid and masterful strings, casting his seemingly perfect life in misery.

One fateful meeting with the new English transfer student, and his life was thrust into turmoil. His choice was simple, choose duty or choose love. Both came with consequences, but one would change his life forever.

Mature New Adult novel – contains adult content, highly sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up*


"Molly, a home is not a place. It's not a country or a town or a building or possession. Home is with the other half of your soul, the person who shares in your grief and helps you carry the burden of loss. Home is with the person who throughout it all never gives up on you and brings you eternal happiness. That, Molly dear, is your home sweet home."
(Thank you to the author and Have Book Will Read for providing me with an ARC.)

I have to say that when I first read the synopsis to this book I was interested right away. I enjoy Romeo and Juliet and love romance so I had to check it out. So with that said, I'm glad to say that Sweet Home didn't let me down. It was a good read and provided a modern day twist to Romeo & Juliet.

Molly has been running away since the tragic lost of the ones she loves most. She is either immersing herself in her school work or literally fleeing the country. She has lost too much and is afraid of losing anymore. So when she meets Romeo Prince, Molly wants nothing more than to stay away from him.  She cannot deal with the overwhelming feelings she has for the hot-tempered QB. No matter how much she comes to love him she cannot deal with the constant hurdles thrown at her. Like the star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet, Molly and Romeo are surrounded by demons from the past and the present.

Romeo is the All-Star Quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tides. He has the whole world in his hands, but also a whole slew of pressure. Pressure to perform, pressure to be the best, and pressure to be what his parents say. Rome is destined to be the next heir of his fathers oil company and to marry the daughter of his father friend. An order that is ingrained into him everyday of his life. But Rome doesn't want any of it. He only wants to play football and love Molly without the evil that surrounds his life.

Unfortunately, his sadistic and ruthless parents forbid it. They go through every extent to keep their son wrapped around their fingers. Nothing stops them from making sure that Molly stays away. Not even murder. Rome's parents are the worse humans that can exist and they are terrible. I cringed every time they were in a scene and my heart wept for everything Rome had to endure with them.

This book is not an easy read. Sweet Home is a romance, but Molly and Romeo's lives are not picture perfect. You will smile and you will shed tears throughout this story. These two are put through the gunner and in situations that will have many people running away. Just a warning, there is a sad scene that, to many, will be hard to read. But there are great scenes as well. The only thing that didn't interest me were the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong they were intense but it was too much and I'm not the type of reader that looks for that in her books.

For being her debut book, Tillie Cole did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. It was a beautifully woven story.

Pick this up and check it out!!


~About the Author~

Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain.

She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother -- a farmer's daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

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“For the initiation task, we will be using brothers from our linked fraternity. You will be blindfolded and will have to kiss—with tongues—a fellow Greek brother and guess the food they’ve just eaten. It’s not a lot to show your commitment, and we will all get a great laugh from it.” Shelly tossed her shampoo advert-worthy hair to the rest of the sorority sisters, who all giggled in response.


I didn’t like the sound of this.

I grabbed Lexi’s arm and leaned in close. “I thought you said hazing wasn’t allowed anymore due to some recent scandal or something? Look at those blindfolds. This is going cause us all to be completely humiliated—that certifies as friggin’ hazing! I can’t do this, Lexi. I’m way out of my depth here.”

Lexi hit me with her black-rimmed puppy-dog eyes. “Please, Molls. For me? It’s not exactly bad hazing; it’s just a kiss with a guy, for God’s sake!”

I dropped my head and groaned. There was no use fighting her. She’d only cry on me again, giving me a guilt trip. “You totally owe me one!”

“Walk to the table and take a blindfold. We’ll put you in a line and the guys will be brought in,” Shelly sang, thoroughly enjoying herself at our expense.

We did as commanded, and after a few minutes, I heard the door click open and several pairs of feet shuffle into the room. I sensed someone stand before me and nearly puked at the stench. He had liquor and strong, putrid body odour humming out of his pores. Disgusting.

“When I tap y’all on the shoulder, make out, guess the food correctly, and you’ll be in—simple,” Shelly informed with a gleeful lilt.

I could tell I was at the end of the line because when I waved a hand out beside me, all I felt was thin air.

I would be the last pledge last to go.

The distinct sound of slurping tongues and girls making guesses filled the room, and a chorus of sorority sisters emitting bitchy laughs mid-process came from every direction.

I could feel my pulse racing in nervous apprehension and my hands fidgeted, betraying my burgeoning panic.

Time seemed to still as my turn approached. The frat guy smelled… bad. But I’d do it for Lexi.

A light tap on my back signalled that it was my turn. I braced myself and leaned forward, only to feel a rush of air pass my head and a loud crash come from the side, male laughter echoing around me.

“Move, Macmillan. I think you’re in my spot,” a deep voice drawled.

“Ah n-no… B-b-bullet! Shelly said… said…” Macmillan slurred from the direction of the floor, semi-coherently.

“I don’t give a shit what she said. Go and get a fuckin’ drink, or pass out, or somethin’. You get me?” The menace in this ‘Bullet’ guy’s voice was unmistakable.

“I-I get you. I get you, man.”

I had no clue what was going on or who would be fighting over kissing me. This day just kept getting weirder and weirder by the second.

“Wait! Mac has to—” Shelly shouted.

“Shut the fuck up, Shel.” His tone left no room for argument, and Shelly fell silent.

I was busy chewing on my thumbnail—a nervous habit I adopt in uncomfortable situations—when my new frat guy moved before me, smelling deliciously better than the previous person—summer, soap, and mint. It was familiar. Comforting. Enticing.

A large, calloused hand pulled my thumb from my mouth and placed it on a hard waist. My fingers crept along the cotton-like fabric covering his torso, identifying the ridges of hard muscle and defined abdominals underneath.

Blindfolding was definitely a sensory awakening; you smelled, felt, and heard so much more.

Hands grasped both sides of my face and I could feel the moment he began to move in towards me, only to suddenly caress my lips, teasingly, softly with his own.

Without warning, my captor expelled a frustrated groan, dropping any gentleness, and his eager, wet tongue invaded my mouth, duelling against mine, fighting for control. I gave it over gladly. There was no other choice.

I’d never felt anything like it.


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