Rating System

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  A Magnificent book- I LOVED it!! I would recommend it to everyone and re-read it!

A Great book- I LOVED it, but also thought it had a flaw that I couldn’t get past.

A Wonderful book- I really liked this book! It had a flaw or two, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

A Good book- I liked it alot, but something was missing. I would recommend it.

An Okay book- It was okay. The book was missing a few things and the characters were lacking. It could be a hit or miss for other readers.

“Not my type” of book - It wasn’t the book for me. I wouldn’t recommend.

NOT FINISHED- (every book is read up to at least 30%) - I did not enjoy or even liked reading this book. I wouldn’t recommend it. I could find absolutely no redeeming qualities and am upset with wasting my time.

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