Oct 20, 2012

Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett

Book Description:

Freshman Rose Zarelli has rage issues.
  First of all, her father lost his job, took work as a contractor in Iraq...and never came home.
  Second, she likes the wrong guy and his super-intense, scary cheerleader girlfriend is now her nemesis.
  Third, her fashionista best friend, Tracy, is suddenly infinitely cooler than she is—and talking about losing her virginity. (What?!)
  Rose is ahead when it comes to studying for the PSAT, but she’s so far behind socially that she might as well be moving backward. She needs Tracy’s help choosing the right clothes, she likes all the wrong extracurricular activities, and she can’t even make a decision about which photo of her father to put on the memorial website she’s making (and hiding from her adolescent-shrink mother).
  With her brother away at college and her mother always locked in her office with her messed-up teen patients, Rose struggles to get through each day without inflicting bodily harm on anyone.

Christina's BookReview

“Bad things happen whether you're scared or not, so you might as well not bother being scared. It's a waste of time.”


Rose Zeller is your normal 14 year old girl starting off her freshmen year in high school. She is frustrated with the high school drama, frustrated with her family, and frustrated with her life in general. Rose Zeller is an angry girl. But she has the right to be. With a mother that’s detached, a brother that is gone for college, a best friend that’s as selfish as they come, the drama of starting high school and the lost of her father, Rose’s life isn’t so perfect. The only beacon of light which isn’t so much is Jamie.

Jamie is the schools bad boy and also dating the insane cheerleader of the high school. Jamie has been Rose’s’ secret crush since he played hockey with her older brother, Peter. But Rose knows that Jamie will never look at her as more than a friend’s little sister. Jamie is a Junior in high school and has his own issues to work out.

When Rose starts to notice that Jamie might want more she is exhilarated. But his hot and cold attitude and his crazy girlfriend isn’t something Rose thinks she can handle. Unfortunately for her, there’s no going back. High school is about to be hell on earth for Rose.

Rose has anger issues and a teenager with anger makes things a lot more complicated.


(I received this book free on a read to review basis. Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin)

I have to say that I was going into this ready to read about a really angry teenage who throws temper tantrums. I didn’t expect to NOT get it. It just makes sense, “Confessions of an Angry Girl” is the title of this book.

Rose is angry and in her predicament you would understand why. But although she does have a lot of resentment and does lash out at times she’s pretty considerate of people around her. I thought she would be a girl that had no filter and doesn’t care, but she’s conscience of what she says and feels bad. I wanted her to not have a filter and not put up with people’s bullshit. She had a really selfish best friend and was really patient with her when an angry person would have lashed out more. Rose puts up with a lot and surprisingly much more than girls would now and days.

Although I think the book has a romance it really doesn’t take precedent while reading. Jamie is a very standoffish guy and it’s hard to have any thoughts on him when he’s pretty much missing most of the time. If I had one wish for this book, it would have been to have him more involved or to at least feel the connection between the two.

I enjoyed reading this because it was filled with a lot of the normal things that happen now and days. The bullying in high school, the social outcast, lessons on safe sex, and the experience of starting high school. I think this is a great book for younger girls to read and it’s pretty educational about handling the whole sex issue.

I devoured this book in one sitting! I can't wait to read the next book in this series to see what happens next.
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Oct 18, 2012

ROOM by Emma Donoghue

Book Description:

In many ways, Jack is a typical 5-year-old. He likes to read books, watch TV, and play games with his Ma. But Jack is different in a big way--he has lived his entire life in a single room, sharing the tiny space with only his mother and an unnerving nighttime visitor known as Old Nick. For Jack, Room is the only world he knows, but for Ma, it is a prison in which she has tried to craft a normal life for her son. When their insular world suddenly expands beyond the confines of their four walls, the consequences are piercing and extraordinary. Despite its profoundly disturbing premise, Emma Donoghue's Room is rife with moments of hope and beauty, and the dogged determination to live, even in the most desolate circumstances. A stunning and original novel of survival in captivity, readers who enter Room will leave staggered, as though, like Jack, they are seeing the world for the very first time.

Christina's BookReview

“Stories are a different kind of true.”


Five year old Jack and his Ma have spent the last five years living in ROOM. Jack doesn't know anything other then what his Ma has taught him and what he has learn from TV. To Jack ROOM is the world and there is no OUTSIDE. He spend his days doing different things with Ma and then hides in WARDROBE when Old Nick comes to visit. Old Nick is not very nice but Jack has to be quiet and hide from him.

When Ma makes the choice of finally revealing to Jack that the world is bigger then just ROOM life as Jack knows it changes forever. Ma is shutting down and Old Nick is terrible. Jack must save Ma and she has a plan. Although he is scared he will do it for Ma.

Will Jack and Ma finally be able to get out of ROOM? Or will Jack refuse to leave?


This book was written as if being told by Jack so you spend the whole time in his head. And although it was a good concept I found it a little disconcerting when at points he sounded like a five year old and others he sounded like an adult.

Through Jack you learn about the life he and his mother have been living and everything after their escape. It is truly a very sad one and although he doesn't know what's happening you do and automatically feel sorry for the life he's had to be brought up in. The journey Jack takes when he finally is able to see the OUTSIDE is one that you comprehend and expect. Taking a person from the surroundings they were born and raised in and putting them in today's society can be disconcerting to anyone but more for a child. Seeing him adjust to the new people in his life and new environment is amazing.

Throughout the book I found myself wondering what made the author write this book in Jacks perspective and realized that in every book you read you only get the adult perspective. Never the child's perspective and it's what made the book so unique.

I did like the book and the concept of the child’s perspective but I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the writing and behavior of the child and at times the mother. I understand that in order to be able to understand the behavior you would need to know about their sufferings but that’s the case with every book. In this book you just don’t feel the connection just the sympathy of their situation. The mother is at times very rude and selfish when she is trying to be helped and the boy is rude and gets away with it. Even in their situation, a little bit of discipline wouldn’t have been bad.

All in all an Okay read. I would recommend it because it is a different perspective of a crime that is still sadly committed in today's society.

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Oct 9, 2012

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

Book Description:

Lexi White finds herself at a crossroads. After putting everything on hold to care for her ailing father, it’s finally time for her to start living her life again. An exciting new job holds the promise of a fresh start, until she comes face to face with someone from her past who has always stopped her dead in her tracks, and who evidently still has the power to make her forget her own name. This time around, Lexi’s a grown woman who refuses to back away from her dreams, even if it requires working with her old high school crush. Side by side. Every day. Will he end up being her downfall or exactly what she needs?

Vincent doesn’t even remember Lexi from high school, but he begins to take notice when the fiery young woman is hired as his new assistant. Quickly, Lexi turns his world upside down and becomes an invaluable addition not only to his team, but to his life. Having learned a few hard lessons about trust in the past, Vincent is reluctant to let down his guard, especially when it appears that someone is out to sabotage his family’s advertising agency. Professionally, they are dynamite together, but when sparks fly between them personally, will Vincent let lies and jealousy ruin everything between them, or will he finally learn not only how to love, but ultimately trust…in advertising?

Victoria Michaels once again delivers a can’t-put-it-down novel loaded with engaging characters, cheeky dialogue, and powerful emotions. Trust in Advertising is a cleverly woven tale about two people getting to know each other and ultimately themselves.

Christina's BookReview
“I want you to know everything about me, Lexi, to see inside me, beyond my gruff arrogance, beyond the hurt and loneliness, to the man underneath it all.There are things about me no one knows, but I want to share them with you.” 


Alexandra White has everything figured out. She is finally done with high school and is moving away to go to the College of her choice. But when dire circumstances take her back home her dream is put on hold. Eight years later and she’s ready to start over again; starting with finding a job that doesn’t consist of working at a coffee shop. When she lands the dream job she isn’t expecting for Vincent Drake to be her boss.

Vincent Drake is cruel and arrogant. He doesn’t have time for pleasantries or feelings. Vincent Drake is not the same guy Lexi fell head over heels for. He isn’t the same guy that she “stalked” in high school.

Good thing that Lexi White isn’t a push over. When Vincent realizes that his new assistant isn’t like previous ones he is first infuriated but then intrigued. As the two are forced to work together and come to terms with the fact that they are beneficial for each other they must also face what’s happening. Love is working its magic.

But can Lexi help Vincent get over the one thing that will destroy any possibility of a relationship? Can Lexi show Vincent that he can trust her?

My Take:

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book!

Lexi isn’t your normal “pushover” protag. She stands up for herself and doesn’t put up with Vincent’s attacks or mood swings. Lexi is sweet and loving which makes you like her automatically but when she doesn’t let people walk all over her you respect her.

Vincent is a total jerk at first but when Maddie is introduced you instantly fall for him. He is a perfect example of a man hiding because of terrible past experiences. That one scene doesn’t define him but shows you that there is so much more to him. And as the story progress you see just how much; from his sweet gestures of apology to Lexi to his pride in her and her development at Hunter Advertising.

If there is one pairing that can make a relationship work it is one where both are equal partners and strong. Lexi and Vincent are both.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters just as much. Hope was a kick ass best friend and I loved her “no shit” attitude. I loved how she gave Lexi that push she needed. And her relationship with Sean was something that I expected and Loved! The player guy meets the tough girl. LOVED IT! :-) Madison was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed the relationship she had with her uncle. She also earned extra points for loving Beauty and Beast since it’s my favorite princess story and it was perfect for Lexi and Vincent’s story!

I will however mention that there were some parts that lagged a little. There were also parts where Lexi would want to cry just because she was yelled at and it made me want to smack some sense into her. But I also understand how anger makes you want to cry too. But other than that I enjoyed this book.

If you are rethinking reading this, DON’T! It is a great story! Pick it up now!

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Oct 5, 2012

Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers #2) by Elizabeth Reyes

Book Description:
After one heartache too many, Valerie Zuniga vows to never let Alex Moreno hurt her again. A year later, she is forced to reunite with him at a party where one unexpected sizzling kiss tells her she’s far from over him. No way will she allow herself to get sucked back into that torment. She’ll resist him even if that means using the one thing that’ll stop Alex dead in his tracks: another man.

Alex is coming off one of the worst years of his life. He spent so much time wallowing in self-pity, he never realized how much he’d missed Valerie. That is, until that kiss. Now, he’s determined to get her back one way or another, and no other man will stand in his way. Especially after discovering that Valerie may be in danger, a danger he blames himself for.
Christina's BookReview

“The one thing I've always liked about that boy. As much as I hate his body language screaming he owns you, with him next to you ain't no one gonna mess with my little girl.It may as well be written on his chest in neon lights.” 


Alex Moreno is your average ladies man. With a football scholarship and the weight of taking care of his family’s restaurant Alex isn’t ready for a commitment. That doesn’t stop him from wanting to be with Valerie, though. She doesn’t seem interested in commitment either and can deal with him disappearing once in a while. Or so he thinks. 

Valerie is sick of the heartache Alex causes her. She won’t be one of those chicks that know her man is cheating and turn a blind eye. There is a reason why he disappears weeks at a time. Alex isn’t what Valerie thinks. Unfortunately he won’t reveal his secret to her. With her mind made up Valerie finds the courage to walk away from the man she loves. No matter what Valerie will never let Alex come back.

A year later when both are forced to face each other they aren’t expecting to feel want and desire. Both will have to come to terms with the truth and learn to heal.

When trust is lost can it ever be regained? Can these two overcome the miscommunication?


The second book in the Moreno Brothers series is Alex and Valerie’s story. We meet both in Forever Mine. I don’t know about anyone else but as soon as Alex was introduced I was in rush to get to Always Been Mine and I was not disappointed.

Alex is just like Angel from Forever Mine. He is possessive and he is overprotective. The only difference with this story is Valerie. Valerie is madly in love with Alex but she has the strength needed to deal with him. She didn’t let him bully her around and didn’t let him decide how she was going to deal with things. I do admit she frustrated me with all the lying and keeping secrets from Alex. I understood she didn’t want to deal with Alex’s behavior but these were her ex’s and it was a problem.

Because of Valerie being who she was and having the personality to deal with Alex you see a different part of him. His change from being a ladies man to being hopelessly in love with Valerie makes you love him. Their story is a perfect example of the saying: “You don’t know what you have until you lose it.”  I for one am happy that they got their HEA.

I also liked getting a glimpse into Angel and Sarah’s wedding and new life as well as Romero and Isabel’s relationship. I can’t wait to read their story in book 4.

Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers #1) Review HERE

Oct 3, 2012

Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers #1) by Elizabeth Reyes

Book Description:

Seventeen-year old Sarah’s life is turned upside down when her single mom is sent to jail. She’s forced to move, leaving behind everything she’s ever known, including her best friend Sydney. Lost and bitter in a new school, her one goal is to save money and move back home. Then she meets Angel Moreno.

Enigmatic but gorgeous, Angel is almost too good to be true. Except for one thing, his archaic belief that guys and girls can never be “just friends”. The problem? Sarah’s best friend Sydney is not a girl.

With their unexpected romance intensifying to places neither ever experienced, how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark about the guy waiting for her back home?
Christina's BookReview
"This is my fault and I intend on fixing it. But I won't let you back out now, sweetheart. I can't. It may not be too late for you but there's no turning back for me."


Sarah has just been forced to move after her mother is unable to take care of her. Leaving her best friend, Sydney, the and home she has lived in for the longest behind is the hardest thing she has ever done. Now living in La Jolla, CA  with her uncle and his family, she is determined to save up enough money to go back home to live with Sydney’s family. Nothing will prevent her from going back home. Not even Angel Romero, the guy she happens to fall in love with. 

Angel Romero doesn’t have a worry in the world. He is the star of the football team and has the greatest friends. He and his brother are the cover guys for “overprotective” guys. Angel doesn’t have time to be wrapped up in a relationship with any girl. That is until he locks eyes with Sarah. 

As the two spend time together they can’t help the growing attraction for one another. Things are perfect between them. Think again. 

Angel doesn’t believe in guys and girls being friends. Sarah’s best friend Sydney, is a guy. During a series of misunderstanding the two have to finally face the ugly truth. Will their love be enough? 


Forever Mine is the first book in The Moreno Brothers series and it wasn’t my favorite at all. I liked the book but thought that the insta-love was too clique. I wanted there to be more depth to Sarah and Angel’s relationship. 

The whole deal with Sarah keeping Sydney a secret was pointless and made her seem like a very weak character. The reasons behind her keeping the secret were terrible and at the end she got what was coming. I thought that when it came to her relationship with Angel she just did what he wanted and let him take over her life. The fact that she started talking less to Sydney was a huge disappointment to me. He was her best friend and she should have stuck to her guns and showed Angel that they were just that and nothing would change. I like a headstrong protag and she was not one which was a bummer. 

Angel was too possessive for my liking and at times I wished that his love interest were someone stronger. I thought that the way he interacted with his family and friends was really sweet and other then his possessiveness I enjoyed reading about him. 

We also got to meet Alex Moreno, the second oldest brother and By God I LOVED HIM from his first appearance! He was hilarious and such an Alpha male that you automatically craved his story. I knew that Valerie and he would make the perfect match. Their story continues in, Always Been Mine. 

Angel and Sarah’s story is a sweet romance. It was a quick read and introduced you to some of the upcoming characters of The Moreno Brothers series. It’s not a book I would re-read but it was good.

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Oct 1, 2012

10 Weeks by Jolene Perry & Janna Watts

Book Description:

10 weeks, 3 counselors...summer love shouldn't be this complicated.

Kay-Kay has known Alex since she was first a camper. He's always been her friend, the guy who gets her more than anyone else. Now, she's nineteen and suddenly he's become more. But with so much of her life still ahead of her, Kay-Kay isn't sure if risking her heart will be worth risking her future.

Jody is not the girl who goes after the hottie. She's the girl who sits in the corner with her steady boyfriend and observes. But when her boyfriend unexpectedly dumps her, and the Irish bartender seems interested... This might have to be her summer of firsts.

Sam doesn't do love. She's tested those waters and has no interest in nearly drowning again. But a summer away from the perfect guy isn't doing anything to heal her heart. Memories of Nate along with his constant texts lead Sam into a self-destructive spiral. And it's only when he forces his way back into her life that she learns the only way to save herself is to open her heart.

Christina's BookReview
(Separate rating for each story below)

Kay Kay and Alex have been friends since her first day of camp. This year she is determined to get him to finally notice her and her love for him. Even if that means breaking some rules. The problem is their relationship would be complicated. Alex is twice her age. Will this feisty 19yr old get her way? Or will her heart be broken?
Jody is having the worse summer ever. After a two year relationship her boyfriend Jeff dumps her without a second thought. Jody thought she had her whole life figured out. Finish her business degree get a career and marry Jeff. When her perfect life shatters she is lost. She isn't like Kay Kay or Sam. She's innocent. But when the gorgeous bartender at Little Minnow sets her world on fire Jo will learn how to finally let go and be her. Or will her heart be shattered again?
Sam doesn't care about anything but partying and having the time of her life at the miserable camp this summer. She HAS to forget. Nate wasn't suppose to happen. She wasn't prepared for what was thrown her way. Will Sam get her wish or will she finally see the good in  her?

Each different, but all facing the same thing. Complicated Love.
I enjoyed Kay Kay's story with Alex and although it weirded me out at first I was happy when everything seemed to work out for them. Her go for what you want attitude was exactly what was needed and what made her story great to read.
Jody's story was definitely my favorite. Although she frustrated me at times I loved seeing the transformation in her.  I loved Liam and the impact he had on her change. I loved how he was patient and loving with her. Although he screwed up he made up for it and had me on his good side again. When I got to the end of her story I was sad and wished for more.
The story I liked least was Sam's. I understood where her fear came from and why she ran but didn't really connect to her character. She was really bitchy and slutty and then everything just patched up. She got scared, she ran, she tried to forget, she ran back. That sums up her story.
The one thing I would have liked was for the girls to have more of a connection. It seemed like they were all just friends because they were stuck at camp.
All in all I enjoyed reading this. The first two stories were the best. Jody's being my favorite. Anyone looking for a light read will enjoy these three stories.
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