Review Policy


I’m new at the whole reviewing books process. I’m currently reviewing books that I’ve purchased but am happy to review books sent my way. My blog is pretty new so I’m excited to be asked to review books and decided to make a review policy to save yourself and I time. 

What kind of books do you review?

I enjoy reading Adult and YA fiction so I will read and review both. I will only review a book if it has some semblance of romance. I am an open minded reader so I am willing to try genres I haven't tried before as long as they have some sort of romance.

Romance Genres I love: 

 • Contemporary
• Paranormal • Fantasy
• Dystopian  • Historical
• Zombie • Sci-fi • Christian

Romance Genres I Won't read:
Smut or Erotica (its just not my thing)

What format should my book be in? 

All formats are welcomed (ebook, PDF, hardback, paperback). I have a Kindle in which I read the majority of my books. If you have an ARC for review those are also welcomed. 
What do your reviews consist of?

My reviews will include:

• Book Cover 
• Book Information (Name, Author, Series Name, and Link to Goodreads Page)
• A Star Rating from 1-5 (5 Being the Highest) 
• Book's Blurb from Goodreads 
• My honest opinion on the book.(I will not in anyway slam a book if I do not enjoy it.)

What if you do not like my book? 

I have to warn you that I will not struggle through a book. If I do not enjoy the book within the first few chapters I will not continue it. If I don't enjoy your book I will email you directly explaining what the issue was and provide any feedback you may be interested in. Please keep in mind that most readers have certain times in which they enjoy different stories so I will try to take a break from the book and possibly revisit it at a later time. 

How long will it take to review my book? 

This really depends on what is going on in my life at the moment. I will always try to read the review books within 1-2 months of receiving the books. If you have a time limit please let me know and I will confirm if I’m able to review the book or not.