Feb 25, 2013

To Begin Anew by Eliza Gerard

To Begin Anew
Book Description:

When Eric lost his wife to a short battle with cancer, he knew he couldn’t go on as he’d been doing. Tina had been his rock and his best friend - the one who had held the family together while he traveled into the city to film his own TV show. With her dying, he became lost.

But one thing he knew was that he needed to be there for his seven-year-old twins. He resigned from his show, packed up everything and moved to a small town. He was lucky to get a job in the general hospital in a larger town a few miles away, but he needs help with the boys, especially after school.

Everywhere he goes one name keeps popping up - Debra Brown. From the reports he hears, she’s the answer to his prayers, his guardian angel and fairy godmother all rolled into one.

But no matter how hard he tries, she won’t talk to him. Finally, he decides to play dirty and ambushes her with his kids in tow. If what he’s heard is true, she won’t be able to resist them

Debra has lived in the same small town her entire life. To most of the townfolk, Debra is a sweet angel. After her parents drowned in a boat accident when she was only sixteen, didn’t she drop out of high school and take care of the younger ones? And when her younger sister came back from college and married Debra’s fiancé, did she not smile and prepare a grand wedding for them?

There was no one with a finer heart than Debra Brown and who else can help the Nelson boys in their time of need? But Debra knows better...

Christina's BookReview 

Eric has been at a lost since losing his wife. After quitting his job as an actor on a popular hit show Eric moves away with his twin boys. In his new town he gets a new job but has encountered a dilemma. He needs someone to watch his boys. And not the women that are looking for a chance with the hot doctor/actor.

Everyone in town suggest that sweet townie Debra Brown would be a perfect sitter. But Debra isn't easy to convince. 
Debra has lived a complicated life. With her parents dead Debra took over raising her brother and sister and seeing to it that their future is bright. This includes handling the situation with her sister and ex fiance getting married. Now she just wants to run her Inn and go about life quietly. She isn't expecting for Eric to be persistent and to fall in love with the twins.
Will fate have something else in store for Eric and Debra? Will it be easy for them to take a plunge into something new?   


This book was an okay read. I was looking for a light romance read and this one was free so I took a chance. 

Debra is used to keeping to herself and not having to deal with others on a constant basis. When she meets the Nelson boys she quickly enjoys spending time with them and loving them. But when their father shows interest in her she quickly tries to cut off the relationship. So most of the book is her trying to stay away from Eric and him wanting to spend time with her. I didn't really like Debra and didn't feel any connection to her character. I don't feel like there was any type of change in her and didn't feel her emotions while reading. She was bland. 

They meet, she pulls away, he pulls back, she has a breakthrough, they live happily ever after
So this was an okay read. Not something I would ever read again. If you want a quick romance read then this is your book. If you want more this may not be it. 

Happy Reading! 

Feb 22, 2013

Killing Caroline by Christina Dotson

Killing Caroline
Book Description:

Nothing can come between two sisters. Except murder…

Althea James is the girl everyone loves to ignore. Even her parents act like she doesn't exist, especially after her perfect sister, Caroline, arrives home from college for summer break. But the sibling rivalry Althea shares with Caroline goes much deeper than competing for their parents' affection. Caroline represents everything Althea isn't and never will be. Until one tragic night that threatens to change her life forever.

Suddenly, Althea is forced into the blinding spotlight of fame, but for all the wrong reasons. Her sister is dead, her boyfriend is in jail, and her parents have reported her missing. Now, caught in the middle of the media storm, Althea is the girl no one can stop talking about. But is her newfound fame worth the secret she so desperately wants to keep?
Christina's BookReview

Althea James has always had a rough childhood. She is sick of being compared to her "not-so-perfect" sister and being the "ugly" one in the family. The only person she knows loves her is her perfect boyfriend Jacob. But when Carolina takes that as well, Althea is furious and takes matters into her own hands.When Althea is finally given the attention she seeks she has to accept that their are consequences to her actions.

But will she listen to her conscience or get in with the wrong person? Will her life end like her dear sisters'?


I was given this book by it's author in return for an honest review. 

When I read the synopsis I was looking forward to reading something different. I was expecting to sympathize with Althea. Yeah...that didn't happen. 

 I'm going to be very honest right how.Everyone in this book is bat shit CRAZY!! :-) Which is an understatement. Maybe psychotic? That might not be the best word either...They all need to go see a therapist or be locked up in prison because not one of them has a redeemable quality. Well just one. Jacob was the only character that isn't included in that. He was sweet and really loved Althea and what was done to him was horrific! I wanted to reach through the book and just hug him and get him away from everyone.

Althea's sister is TERRIBLE to her and I can understand where the hate came from. I couldn't help but be relieved when she wasn't in the story anymore because I wanted to strangle her myself. Does that make me a psycho too? LOL...Trust me you would feel the way too. 

So the reasons this is only 3 Stars:
-I felt no connection with any character
-The main protag was as bad her sister in different ways
-Every character in the book was terrible, personality wise.
-There is no redeeming quality with the protag. She feels no real guilt for what she did.

Ok so I'm going to let you all judge the book yourselves. Don't expect to get a romance from this or a HEA because you won't.    

Happy Reading!!

Feb 20, 2013

Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly

Angel Baby
Book Description:
Since losing her husband several months ago, the only thing Claudia Warren is looking forward to is the impending birth of her child. But she goes into labor at the worst possible time, in the worst possible place. Fortunately, a strong, protective stranger—Chase Paxton—comes to her aid, saving her life and the life of her daughter.

Chase is a loner, and he likes it that way. He tries to avoid getting caught up in anyone else’s drama…so coming to the aid of a heavily pregnant woman, and being right there for the birth of her baby, shocks him to his core. Even more shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears from his life as quickly as she’d entered it.

Now, fate has brought Claudia back to him. And while Chase might try to resist any emotional tangles, he finds himself thoroughly ensnared by the beautiful young mother, and the adorable child he helped bring into the world. But can two people who’ve sworn off love for good ever move beyond past hurts and regrets to trust in a future together?

Christina's BookReview 

When Claudia Warren is away from home visiting her deceased husband she gets the surprise of her life. As she suddenly goes into labor and is by herself she must depend on the help of one Chase Paxton. 

Chase Paxton is angry at the world and a loner. When he suddenly runs into a very pregnant Claudia his life will never be the same. But when she disappears and he doesn't hear from her Chase reverts back to his shell. 

Fate has other plans for these two. Will they meet up again? or will there stories change?


This is my second Leslie Kelly book and although I wasn't thrilled with the first I looked forward to reading this one. This was a bit better but it was kind of as bland as the first. 

Claudia and Chase meet under crazy circumstances and then go on to live their lives. Nine months later they meet again and the attraction they felt the first time around is still there.So its a story of boy/girl have complicated past, both overcome it and live happily ever after. You all know I love a HEA but I don't like the "easy" ones. So this book was just a bland read for me.  I didn't have any connection with the characters so it made this a little difficult to finish.

The secondary characters in this one were actually good. I like Mel and Ryan and adored Chase's grandmother as well.

This was a sweet romance. If you want a quick cute romance then this book is good for you. 

Happy Reading!

Feb 18, 2013

The Final Piece by Maggi Myers

The Final Piece
Book Description:

Life shouldn’t be about picking up the pieces.

Beth Bradshaw has spent her life hiding from her tragic past. From the moment a trusted family friend steals her innocence until the moment another rescues her, she struggles to just survive.

Surrounded by the comfort and protection of her extended family, Beth embarks on a journey of healing far from the horrors of her home. In her darkest moments, she meets a boy named Ryan. For one incredible summer, Ryan shows Beth what it’s like to act her own age.

To feel free and let go.
If only for a while.

Years later, another tragedy threatens to shatter the life Beth has carefully crafted. When faced, yet again, with more pieces to pick up, Beth begins to question what her choices have cost her.
Leaving her old life behind, she sets forth on a pilgrimage that will bring her back to the boy she could never forget. He wants to help her pick up the pieces of her life, but is she willing to do what it takes to become whole again?

Can she trust him with a piece of herself?

Christina's BookReview
“We are all broken in one way or another. It's how we put those pieces back together that matters."


Elizabeth Bradshaw has not had a horrific childhood. Since the beginning Beth has been neglected by her parents. When the neglect turns out to be much more dangerous for Beth all she can do is hide in her shell. For years Beth has to put up with her circumstances but when her "knight in shining armor" finally rescues her Beth is finally able to be happy. 

As Beth starts to live her life and try to move on from her past she finds that opening up isn't easy. With the help of her extended family she will learn what it is to finally be able to be a normal fifteen year old. That summer Beth gets close to her savior's nephew, Ryan.  In his arms Beth finds something she's never had. Peace.

But when one event leads to others and Ryan isn't there anymore will Beth be able to survive her new life? Or will she never find solace again?


The Final Piece is a gruesome story with events that will have your heart breaking. I never thought going into it that the circumstances that Beth went through were so horrific. I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I must warn you that Beth is a victim of a pedophile. So if you don't like stories like this maybe this isn't the book for you. 

When she is finally rescued from the place she is able to try and move on and heal. The healing starts with her trying to accept that she isn't broken and that maybe she can live a normal teenage life. With the help of her extended family and Ryan she is able to do that.

The relationship between Ryan and Beth was cute  but I thought that it wasn't deep. Or at least not deep enough to have me loving it. The jump from hating each other to loving each other with one look  is just not my type of book. I dislike the whole insta-love thing.Then they are separated and don't move on and just fall back into the same rhythm when tragedy strikes. Its just not realistic which made this book draw out for me.

Some other things I didn't like were:

-The way Beth quickly got over her past

-The continuous time jump was annoying
-Beth not really dealing with what happened to her and withholding it from Ryan.

All in all I think the book was okay. I didn't really connect with any of the characters. The only character I did like was Tommy, Ryan's uncle. He was sweet, caring and funny. I thought that his character was amazing. 

I will let you decide on this one. 


Feb 15, 2013

Coming Home by Leslie Kelly

Coming Home
Book Description:

Veterinarian Nicole Ross has a thriving practice, a son she adores, and a happy life. But when she has to fly to her sick father's bedside, she comes face to face with the man who broke her heart so many years ago.

Wyatt Clayton has come a long way from his bad-boy youth and now runs his family ranch. Still, seeing Nicole again rocks his world and causes him to remember those crazy-wild days when they'd been reckless young lovers.

Despite themselves, Nicole and Wyatt find those passionate sparks still erupt whenever they're together. But will they have a future when they learn the truth about what has kept them apart for so long?
Christina's BookReview

Nicole Ross left her hometown of in Florida and vowed to never return. When her father needs her back home she rushes back and comes face to face with the man that broke her heart many years ago. The man that she just can't let go of.

Wyatt Clayton has been through a lot in his life and came out on top. But no matter what has happened he can't shake Nicole from his thoughts. When she returns after over a decade of absence he isn't ready for the feelings that overtake him. 

When a secret is revealed will these two be able to find love? Or will the secret break them apart forever?


Coming home is the story of two teenagers that make fall in love and then are separated by a misunderstanding. Years later they are forced to face that misunderstanding and the repercussions of their actions.

Although it was a nice story their wasn't much character development. I would have liked for the characters to have more depth. Instead all you get is teens fall in love, there's a misunderstanding, they reunite years later, sleep with each other, a secret it revealed, back to hatred and then back together. Which is just how it went. 

Like the storyline but didn't really connect with the characters. The romance was lacking and the secret isn't really a secret which makes me upset that the heroine wouldn't just come out and say it. 

I'm going to say this is an okay read. 

Happy Reading!

Feb 14, 2013

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Feb 13, 2013

Long Time Coming by Edie Claire

Long Time Coming
Book Description:

Edie Claire movingly explores the world of second chances with this tender contemporary story. Though veterinarian Joy Hudson is now an accomplished and well-established professional, all the trauma of her senior year in high school comes rushing back when she returns to her hometown to help care for her aging father. The memories she tried to erase about her best friend's tragic death, and the boy she blamed for the accident, suddenly seem very fresh -- especially because that boy is now the handsome town doctor who makes his interest in Joy abundantly clear. Even more troubling is Joy's mounting suspicion that someone is either trying to spook her or kill her. It will take all Joy's courage to attend to past and present dangers.

Christina's BookReview
“Accepting the loss of a loved one is difficult. But reconciling with the living is just as important.” 


Joy Hudson left her hometown and planned to never return. The town holds memories from her senior year that Joy isn't ready to face. When she is forced to head back home Joy knows that it won't be easy. The memories from the day her best friend was taken from her are ones that Joy isn't ready to face. But when the town's doctor is the one person Joy blames and she is forced to interact with him Joy struggles to come to terms with what happened. 

What happens when what Joy believes turns out to be wrong? When she forgets why she feels so guilty and upset 


This is my first book from this author and I have to say that it was good. The plot was interesting. I guessed the reasons early on in the book but liked reading about how Joy worked through it. 

Joy is very independent in the book and that's what I liked about her. I thought though that she was a little harsh with Jeff and her anger and resentment towards him was unjustifiable. Even when she finds out the truth she doesn't treat him well. 

 Jeff was your average sweet guy. He's the hometown bachelor and good guy. Everyone loves him and every single girl wants him. But although he's all of that he is the first to admit that he's not perfect. That in itself made me like him as well as him not putting up with Joy's rude attitude and for also being persistent. I understood where he came from when he kept things from Joy and liked that he let her work through it herself. 

The only reason this only got 3.5 stars is because I felt like something was missing. I did enjoy the slight paranormal aspect to the story as well as the suspense.  I think, however, that it lacked in the romance department. 

Overall this was a good book. If you want a light read with romance and suspense you should read this. 

READ it. ENJOY it.

Happy Reading!

Feb 11, 2013

Wait for Me by Elisabeth Naughton

Wait For Me
Book Description:
A woman without a past…

After a tragic accident left her with no memory, Kate Alexander struggled to fit in with a husband and world that didn’t feel right. She’s had no reason to question what friends and family have told her, not until her husband is suddenly killed and she finds a photo of a young girl in his office. A girl who can’t be anyone but a daughter Kate didn’t know she had.

A man desperate for a reason to live…

Ryan Harrison lost his wife in a plane crash five years ago. To cope with the pain of her loss, he dedicated himself to his job and to raising their daughter. Now a successful pharmaceutical executive, Ryan has everything a man could want—money, fame and power—but he’d give it all up in a heartbeat for just one more day with the woman he still loves.

Two lives about to converge.

As Kate begins to dig into a past she doesn’t remember, evidence leads her to San Francisco and puts her on the path toward Ryan, a man who sees in her the woman he loved and lost. Kate feels a draw to Ryan, one she can’t explain, but is that feeling enough to convince her this is where she’s supposed to be? As Ryan and Kate search for answers, they uncover lies long buried, a passion hotter than either expected and a danger that threatens…even now…when the second chance they’ve both been searching for is finally within reach.

Christina's BookReview
 “How can you think that? How can you believe God would let us go through this hell?” “Because you have to think of the alternative. If it hadn’t happened the way it did, you’d have been on that plane. You’d really be gone now. There’d be no second chances. There’d be no Reed.” 


Kate Alexander is still recovering from an accident that took away every memory she's ever had. When her husband suddenly dies Kate is surprise to find that she isn't as hurt as she should be.What little sadness she does have turns into disbelief when Kate discovers that her husband has been hiding something from her. When Kate journeys to get the answers she is looking for she isn't expecting what's waiting for her. 

Ryan Harrison has lived a "bachelor" life style ever since the day he lost the love of his life. Closing himself off from everyone but the one person he is living for, his daughter, Ryan isnt the same man he used to be. He is now a successful pharmaceutical executive but Ryan would trade it all in to have his wife back.

When Kate walks into Ryan's life he is shocked, happy, and angry. She is a spitting image of his wife and after a confrontation maybe she is his wife. But Kate isn't Irene...Not anymore.

As the two dig into Kate's past they will uncover secrets and lies that will unravel their lives.  


It's been a week since I've read this book. One whole week and I still can't get it out of my head. I'm going to try and give a review with as little spoilers as possible but it's hard. I'm too freaking excited about this book.

Kate's story is one that may seem improbable to you but as you read and find out how it all is connected you are in total shock. Kate is a herione that is strong. Although to many she might not seem that way she is. She doesn't let anyone bully her, she stands up for herself, she fights for those she loves. Most of all though Kate fights to remember her past, which was stolen from her. She makes the right decsion when it comes to getting to know the new people in her life. She is hestiant but opneed and that is strength in itself. She was one herione that I absolutely loved. 

I definitely enjoyed Ryan. He was very cold at the beginning with Kate but as things started to unravel we started to see a change in him. His love for his wife was heartwarming, so passionate and everlasting. The struggle he goes through in the book is one that is very realistic. Although there are many times where you see the new Ryan and you flinch with his harshness you also know that he is a man that is hurting. The one thing that he loved the most in the world was taken from him and when there's a possiblity it wasn't is enough of a struggle. But when that hope diminishes for him its painful.

And the passion in this story was so HOT! When Kate and Ryan are around each other there is a desire in them that sets the story on fire. As you read their moments together you are immersed  into those scenes so much so that if you are interrupted you will kill the person. LOL That's how hot and passionate their attraction for each other was. And when the volcano does erupt there is fire within the pages. Don't take my word for it. you have to read it. :-)

I have to mention the secondary characters because they played a great part in this story. I loved Mitch, Julia's uncle, and laughed and swooned at all his parts. He was a great friend to Ryan and a compassionate about Kate's situation. There is also Simone who is Kate's lawyer and is also the one that brings Kate face to face with Ryan. She also plays a great role in helping Kate uncover her past. Although Kate's and Ryan's story is the center of this book Mitch also has his own and it is so sweet. then there are also the children which make this book perfect. There aren't many stories I've read lately that include children so this made me like it more. 

I loved the passion in this book, the romance, the family moments and the characters. I did not want this story to end because it meant that I wouldn't get anymore from these wonderful characters. 

BUY this. READ it. LOVE it.

Happy Reading!

Feb 8, 2013

Reasons I fell for the Funny Fat Friend by Becca Ann

Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend
Book Description:It’s stupid to fall for your brother’s ex. It’s even worse to enlist another’s help to win the ex over. But Brody is desperate and Hayley, his partner in American Sign Language, is more than willing to lend him a few tips.

She’s the school’s matchmaker,’ and with her bizarre and positive personality, Brody finds her easy to talk to, even about the most awkward situations. Hayley’s tips seem to be working, but as Brody learns more about his matchmaker, he starts finding reasons to spend time with her, and not the girl he thought he was in love with.

But Hayley isn’t ready to fall for anyone. Labeled the “Funny Fat Friend” within her group, her self image makes it impossible for Brody to share his feelings without Hayley shrugging it off as a joke.

Convincing her Brody can, and did, fall for the “Funny Fat Friend” turns out to be harder than simply falling in love.
Christina's BookReview
“Reason fourteen.” I press my forehead against hers, locking her in my gaze. “You are so beautiful. Inside and out. I don’t just need you. I crave you. Everything about you. You are the only person I’ve felt this way about. You’re my best friend.”


Brody Grant has had the hots for his brothers girlfriend for a long time. When the opportunity finally arrives for him to learn how to “woo” her Brody is relieved. That help comes in the form of Hayley. The Funny Fat Friend. But when Brody suddenly finds himself looking forward to the time spent with Hayley he doesn't know what to do.

Hayley is used to being the girl to hook up her friends. Hayley doesn’t mind because she knows that she can never catch the attention of anyone. She doesn’t have the “looks” that every guy is looking for. When the opportunity presents itself to help her ASL partner capture the attention of his degenerate brothers ex Hayley is up for the challenge. She doesn’t do relationships and doesn’t have anything to worry about. 

Brody and Haley are about to find out just how wrong they are. 


When I saw this book I was excited to start reading it. There aren’t many books where the girl is different than the normal "skinny girl" so I was looking forward to this. I picked up this book and finished it within 5 hours. That's how immersed I was in this story.

Although you don’t find out what “fat” is considered in the book you do see the insecurities that many girls now and days go through. Hayley is used to how she looks and she doesn’t let people see how it affects her when they make fun of her. She is so real and you absolutely love her for it. When some girls read this book they will finally be able to see a protag that is just like them. Hayley is funny, sweet, caring, but very insecure with herself because of what people around her think and say. Seeing her struggle was heartwarming and seeing the way her wicked mother was, breaks your heart.

The relationship between Brody and Hayley grew throughout the book and I enjoyed that. Not many books now and days shows you the growth in a relationship and Becca did just that. Relationships that start off with friendship and grow are my favorite relationships.

Brody Grant, wow.... He is your average teenage boy. The difference is he’s a total sweetheart. Yes, he does have a crush on the typical “hot” girl and yes he’s a lovesick puppy at first but as soon as Hayley enters his life it’s like BOOM! Suddenly he doesn’t want to “woo” the hot girl because he loves spending time with the “funny fat friend”. His struggle to get Hayley to understand his attraction and ultimately his love for her was so heartwarming and so sweet. I had to give it to him because he didn’t give up; he fought to show her just how beautiful she was inside and out. So I have to admit that although Brody was young I was swooning all over the place! :D He was genuine and a sweetie pie.:) He did make me angry at a certain part but made up for it in the end.

Sometimes the FFF gets the guy and Becca Ann shows you that in this book.  She brings her characters to life in a way that will attach you to them.

I also liked that each chapter was titled after a reason why Brody fell for Hayley. And that it was all in Brody’s POV. I think Becca did a wonderful job writing from a high school guys’ prospective. 

BUY this. READ it. LOVE it. 

Happy Reading!

Feb 6, 2013

Gio (5th Street, #2) by Elizabeth Reyes

Gio (5th Street, #2)

Book Description:

When tragedy strikes in the ring, Giovanni Bravo falls into a deep depression, walking away from his dream of boxing to train instead. He agrees to a two month get-away, helping train Felix Sanchez, his high school best friend and now welterweight champ of the world. Once at Felix’s lavish boxing complex, he’s reunited with Bianca Rubio, someone he remembers only as the girl with the innocent doe eyes back in high school. Her refreshing, cheerful demeanor not only takes Gio’s mind off his troubled conscience, he finds himself falling for her fast and hard. The problem—Bianca is Felix’s girlfriend.

Having a sexy, famous boyfriend has its perks, but they come with a price. Bianca not only has to deal with the ongoing tabloid rumors about her boyfriend hooking with other women, but also his constant absence when he is on the road. So now that Felix will be in town for two whole months to train for his next big bout, Bianca is thrilled. He’s even asked her to move into his cabin while he's there. But when he leaves for days at a time to promote his fight, Bianca spends time getting to know Felix’s gorgeous new trainer and good friend, Gio. Increasingly drawn to his sweet smile and smoldering green eyes, she finds herself saying and doing things she normally wouldn’t.

As it becomes more and more difficult for each to resist the other, Gio crosses the line between them. He hopes that one kiss will alleviate the overwhelming temptation and clear both their systems, but it does just the opposite. Their temptation suddenly becomes an obsession--an obsession that quickly forces Gio to realize this is more than just lust. He's fallen hard and to his delight so has she. Now he's forced to make the hardest decision of his life. Risk losing his long time friend or walk away from the only girl he's ever loved.
Christina's BookReview


Giovanni Bravo's life is turned upside down when an accident in the ring leaves someone dead. Trying to get his friend out of his funk Felix, Gio's friend, invites Gio to join him as a trainer on his "vacation" in Big Bear. What Gio doesn't expect is to fall for the one person in Big Bear that is unavailable. No matter what Gio should stay away from Bianca, Felix's girlfriend

Bianca has always been the good girl. She is in a relationship with a guy that she cares about and one that loves her. She refuses to let the rumors that are made up about her boyfriend to destroy them. But when Gio walks into her life she isn't expecting for her attraction to him to question her current relationship. No matter what Bianca should stay away from Gio. 

What happens when they both cross a line they shouldn't have?When desire and passion take over?


Okay so in Noah I liked Gio and couldn't wait to read his story. Going into this I knew what the circumstances were. Reading the first half I understood the characters. Sadly, the moment they crossed the line they shouldn't have I lost all my enthusiasm to read this. If you all know one about me its that I hate hate cheating. I can deal with flirting but the moment it crosses that I'm can't get over it.

I lost respect most of all with Gio. He was a great friend to his 5th Street gang and so I respected that about him. I understood his struggle with falling for Felix's girl but thought that he should have respected "the guy code". Felix might not have been his best friend, but he was his friend. The moment he threw all caution to the wind I wanted to strangle him. I know that I can't expect him to be perfect but damn he just had no respect...or if he did it was little.

Unfortunately, Bianca wasn't a character I liked even from the beginning. Her POV's were boring to read. the only thing I did like about her character was her responses to Gio's flirtation. That's all. I felt like she was naive. Yes I understood that Felix might not have been the perfect guy but he still cared about her and she should have had more respect for him. The moment she started craving Gio should have been the moment she moved out or broken up with Felix. Even if she was just flirting with Gio in the beginning the moment it went beyond that and feelings got mixed up in it she should have walked away. That she didn't, was disappointing. But to each there own. My readers might think different.

Felix's character was not in the book a lot and your impression of him at first is that he's a womanizer. I have to admit I didn't like him at first either but seeing him with Bianca made me like him. He sweet to her, he truly cared about her. His devotion to 5th Street was also something I really like about his character. He didn't forget where he came from when he got rich and famous. You have to have mad respect for him because of that. Yes, he made mistakes, but what guy doesn't? I felt bad for him and I do look forward to reading his book if it is does come out one day.

The 3 stars is only because I liked the flirting and banter between Gio and Bianca in the beginning of the book.Surprisingly I like that whole "forbidden fruit" crap but only when it doesn't cross the line. 

I will let you decide on this one. 

Happy Reading!

Feb 4, 2013

Sempre by J.M. Darhower


Book Description:

Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco had vastly different childhoods. Haven, a second-generation slave, grew up isolated in the middle of the desert, her days full of hard work and terrifying abuse. Carmine, born into a wealthy Mafia family, lived a life of privilege, never having to answer for anything he did. Both now seventeen, a twist of fate causes their worlds to collide, making them question everything they ever believed. Entangled in a web of secrets and lies, they learn that while different on the surface, they have more in common than anyone would think.


Christina's BookReview


Haven Antonelli has not lived a normal life. Born and raised as a slave to the Antonelli family, Haven has is a victim of human trafficking. A crime that is still sadly very real.  When Haven tries to escape her life she is finally given the one ray of hope that can change her life. Although Haven isn’t free she is given the chance to finally experience some semblance of a normal life when Vincent DeMarco “rescues” her. Life with the DeMarco’s is something new to Haven and as she starts to “serve” them Haven is now learning to become much more than a survivor.  Haven finds the one thing that she has never had…hope. And hope comes in a very unlikely form.

Carmine DeMarco is your class act jerk. He goes about life with no worries, no cares and definitely no filter. Carmine says what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. There’s nothing that can hurt him because he has buried the pain. Carmine DeMarco is set to become the Principe of La Famiglia and there’s nothing he wants more.  When Haven walks into his life nothing will ever be the same. Colpo di fulmine. Love strikes these two unexpected souls and life for Carmine and Haven will never be the same.

Will Haven ever be free? Will these two fight for their love? Or will life be too much for them to handle?



Okay so first things first. This book was FANTASTIC! I’ve been told to read this book for some time now but didn’t have the chance. When I finally did, I saw what everyone had been raving about.  

From the very first page Sempre will suck you in and capture your attention until the very last page. 

This story is one that will always stay with you. I can guarantee that. Haven and Carmine’s story is one filled with sadness, angst, love, devotion and pain. A story that feels as real as it comes.

“Human trafficking is the second most lucrative crime in the world, making more money every year than Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined.”

That’s what you first read when starting this book and it is, sadly, the truth. This is a world we see through Haven’s journey. Haven was born and raised a slave and when the book begins we are given a strong dose of it. She is then taken to the DeMarco resident and expects to be treated the same. But Vincent DeMarco isn’t like her previous Master. In her new life Haven learns to finally live, to love, to speak up, to read and write among other great things a normal girl should be doing at her age. She learns what it is to truly be a “free” woman. And none of it was possible without the help of the one person that burrowed into her heart and opened their heart to her.

Sheesh…what can I say about Carmine? Hmm…he is one bad-ass, angst ridden, foul mouthed beautiful creature! My first impression of him was just an eye roll. He didn’t give a shit about anyone and was a Class A asshole. But wow was I just…slightly wrong. :-) Although his temper does not change throughout the book we do see his tenderness, his love, and his unbreakable devotion for Haven and those he care about.  The way he fought for Haven was something that will have girls’ hearts melting. When Darhower wrote this book she knew what she was doing. She was giving us a guy that will make us swoon for a very long time…maybe SEMPRE. My only concern with Carmine was his short fuse and temper. He thought with his heart all the time instead of his head. For a normal person that is fine. But for a Mafia Principe that was not good. 

Which brings me to the Mafia aspect of the story. Wow…just wow. Reading this book is like a wake up call for people that take things like that lightly. It’s gritty, grimy, and fucking crazy! The characters you meet in this book are some of the most lethal motherfuckers in the world. Well at least in the world the book is set in. :-) From Vincent DeMarco’s cool and collected scary demeanor to Corrado’s “take no prisoners” personality.

I have to mention the secondary characters because without them it just wouldn’t have worked. First there is Maura, Carmine’s mother. She was the one that saved Haven’s life and the catalyst for all that happened. You will love her or at least what you hear about her. Then there’s Celia, Corrado wife. She was sweet and caring although she is the wife or a mafia lord. Through her you saw that because you marry someone that does bad things it doesn't mean that they are bad or that anyone who loves them is. I liked her character because of that. Then there’s Dominic DeMarco, who’s just adorable, loving, caring and just damn great! He’s the big brother everyone wants. I enjoyed having him apart of the book. Then there’s my favorite, Nicholas. If there was something I loved about Haven and he being “friends” it was that he listened to her, he didn’t judge her and he always tried to make her laugh. His jokes were so corny but so fucking adorable that you totally love him or at least like him during the book.  He was great and I’m devastated about his circumstances (no spoiler, you will see when you read).

So okay I think I ranted a lot. :-P I just really enjoyed this book. 

There were things I didn’t like though, one of them being Carmine’s possessiveness. Second being, that the story dragged with mundane everyday life for Haven and Carmine. It could have done without some of the “filler” stuff.  Third being, Nicholas circumstances.  This is why Sempre only got 4.5 Stars. A really high 4.5 Stars. :-)

But don’t let those things sway you from reading this. You should read it! And if you don’t then we aren’t friends anymore…:-D just kidding. 

 BUY this. READ it. LOVE it.  


Feb 1, 2013

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller

Something Like Normal

Book Description:

When Travis returns home from a stint in Afghanistan, his parents are splitting up, his brother’s stolen his girlfriend and his car, and he’s haunted by nightmares of his best friend’s death. It’s not until Travis runs into Harper, a girl he’s had a rocky relationship with since middle school, that life actually starts looking up. And as he and Harper see more of each other, he begins to pick his way through the minefield of family problems and post-traumatic stress to the possibility of a life that might resemble normal again. Travis’s dry sense of humor, and incredible sense of honor, make him an irresistible and eminently lovable hero.

Christina's BookReview

“I don't know if my life will ever be completely normal again, but something like normal is a good start.”


When Travis Stephenson returns home from his tour in Afghanistan he isn’t happy with the situation. Travis is not the same guy that left his hometown. He returns home without a girlfriend, angry at his family, having terrible nightmares and a friend that will not leave him. Travis doesn’t want to admit it but he’s also returned with a case of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). He would rather be on base then spend time at home, a place that is now foreign to him. That changes when a night at a bar brings him to face with the one girl that will change his life. The one girl that Travis can’t get.

Harper is living an ordinary life. She is working to pay her way to college and doesn’t have time for anything else. Especially Travis Stephenson. Harper hates Travis to the very core.  He was the bane of her existence in school and the soldier isn’t going to get any love from her. But when Harper sees how different Travis is she’s about to find out that people change and love comes in unexpected packages. Packages that aren’t perfect.

Will Travis finally get the help he needs? Will he lose the one person that brings him solace? Or will his past determine his future?


Let me start off by saying how angry I am!! Why you ask? Because this book ended!!  I got to the very last page and just froze. Really? It had to end? Why couldn’t it continue? Trish you are so evil!! :-)

So you can see that I LOVED this book. This story will burrow into your mind and never leave! Guaranteed! I finished this book a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it... Thinking about where the hell is the rest!! :D

The book is in Travis’s POV and sticks to it throughout the whole book. My readers know how much I enjoy reading a guy’s POV so there you go! Travis is pretty fucked up (excuse my vulgar language) there is no other way to put it. His time in the Marine’s has not been easy. Through his eyes the readers are privy to the realism of what a soldier goes through and what the aftereffects of going into the “warzone”.  As he tries to come to terms with what happened during his time in Afghanistan Travis’s only solace is with Harper.

Harper isn’t like the girls Travis is used to. She definitely isn’t like Paige, his ex-girlfriend. But that doesn’t stop him from fucking up and ending up doing shit he’s not supposed too. This makes him REAL. He isn’t perfect. He has flaws and makes mistakes.  And that is where I liked Harper. She didn’t put up with Travis’s shit but she also didn’t leave him when she knew he was hurting. She tried to just listen and try and comfort him as best as she could. I liked her spunk and I liked her warmth towards him when he needed her.

The only secondary characters that I liked in this book where Kevlar and Moss. Although their parts where small, I enjoyed them. They are definitely some potential for future books. After book two of Harper and Travis come out, of course. :-D And of course there is Charlie who is there…but not really. His connection with Travis is one that will have you smiling and crying at the same time. The rest of the characters were… ehh.

The only thing I disliked about this book was Travis’ fixation with comparing Harper to Paige. That really irked my nerves.That and the quick ending is the only reason this is 4.5 Stars.

I hope there is a sequel to this!

So if you want real characters, a great romance, some angst and a military background this book is for you!

BUY it. READ it. LOVE it.