Apr 27, 2012

One True Love by Barbara Freethy

Book Description: 

She Walked Back into His Life...
The last place Lisa Alvarez expected to find herself was babysitting for her ex-sister-in-law's three rambunctious kids. But when Maggie called her up and begged for time alone, something in Lisa made her say yes--for one weekend she'd leave behind the career she'd built and her regimented new fiance. But Lisa never expected her handsome ex-husband Nick to show up on the doorstep, walking back into her life, and taking over more than the weekend... And His Heart
Nick can't believe how Lisa has changed over the years-- and how she's stayed the same. His heart still races when her eyes catch his, his pulse pounds when she's near. After tragedy pushed them apart, Nick spent eight years rebuilding his life and his soul. Can he risk losing his heart again, for a second chance at true love?

Christina's BookReview
“You can take all the precautions in the world and worry yourself like crazy, but each individual comes to this world with a life to live, no matter how long or how good or how scary it might be.”  

I LOVED this book! Best Contemporary Romance I've read this year! I'm upset that it took me this long to read it!

Lisa Alvarez is living in LA drowning herself in work and planning her wedding to her boss. The reason why? Because she is trying to escape all of the memories from 8 years ago. That is all hopeless after Maggie, Lisa's best friend and ex-sister in law, calls her frantically needing her help. Lisa immediately drops what she is doing and heads off to help her.After sending Maggie off on a mini vacation Lisa is forced to babysit her friends three children with the one person she has tried desperately to forget. Nick Maddux, her ex-husband.When Lisa's family and Nick force her to confront her past Lisa can't help but relive the most awful moments of her life 8 years ago but also the good in that life as well. It is so easy to fall back in love with Nick Maddux, but Lisa is engaged and has a new life, a life she thought she wanted after walking away from those she loved. What Lisa soon realizes is that maybe her life wasn't as bad as she thought, maybe it was time to stop running away.

Maggie Scott has been in over her head during the past year. With three children to care for, no job and dealing with the death of her husband Maggie has reason to be stressed and at the point of a breakdown. But on top of that Maggie receives a letter addressed to her husband from a mysterious woman. Determined to discover who she is and why she was writing her husband Maggie embarks on a journey that will forever change her life. Along that journey she meets Jeremy, a incredibly sexy LA writer and neighbor to the woman Maggie is looking for. What she doesn't count on is finding love during that time.

This book is filled with lots of angst but so many happy moments. Throughout the whole book I found my self crying, laughing and sighing in content! The relationship between Nick and Lisa is so special and so heartbreaking that you can't help but root for them to overcome their "trials" and finally live happily ever after. Maggie and Jeremy's relationship was so sweet and exciting that it was hard not to fall in love with them as well.

If you love romance this is the book for you to read! I don't want to spoil anything for people but I do think that I should warn you that this book does deal with the loss of a child.

Apr 23, 2012

Wraith by Angel Lawson

Book Description: 

Freak. Weird. Crazy.
These are the names tossed around seventeen-year old Jane Watts by her fellow classmates. But things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes there’s a reason for talking to yourself in the hallway at school.
Adjusting to her new home and school after an abrupt move, Jane wants one thing in life—to be like everyone else at school, but that’s hard to do when you’re the new kid. Although she does manage to make one friend, Evan—he’s sixteen, charming, and protective. Everything a girl could want in a best friend…with one minor caveat.
He’s dead.
Caught somewhere between life and death, Evan is tied to Jane and the living world unable to complete the journey to the other side. She thinks he’s here to be her friend, to take care of her, and that’s why no one can see or hear him.
That is until a new boy shows up at school after a rumored stretch in Juvie. Connor can see Evan and he’s not convinced the ghost is being completely honest. From his own experience ghosts tend to need something from the humans they connect to and Evan, despite his arguments isn’t any different.
Jane is resentful of Connor’s intrusion but realizes soon enough he’s right. Evan has secrets about his past and not only did his life end tragically but members of his family are still in danger. Jane must face her fears and battle Evan’s human demons to free both of them.

Christina's BookReview

I have to start off by saying that I adored this book!

I wasn't sure what to expect at first but once I started reading I could not stop. 

Wraith starts off with Jane and Evan. Jane is the "freak" of the school and is treated as such because of her behavior and friendship with Evan. Why is their a problem with there friendship? Simple answer. Evan is not alive, he is a wraith or a ghost. Jane doesn't mind what goes on around her because Evan is there for her and comforts her whenever she is upset. The problem is that Evan hasn't moved on. He's stuck in the in-between and doesn't know how to move on. That is until Connor walks into Jane's life. 

Connor is not normal either. He is a "medium" and has not dealt with a ghost like Evan before. When he notices that Jane is being followed by Evan he warns her that she needs to be careful. A warning that Jane laughs off because Evan is her best friend and has taken care of her. After Jane uncovers the mystery behind Evans death she turns to the one person that has been warning her something was wrong. Together Connor and Jane try to help Evan move on by completing his "unfinished" business on earth.

I enjoyed the plot of this book and enjoyed getting to know about Evans, Jane's and Connors stories. Just like Jane you get attached to Evan and feel that pain of his story through the whole book. He truly was a good friend to Jane and in the end I wish that he didn't have to go away. I'm glad that Jane began to trust Connor and let him help her. You couldn't help but be sadden by Connor's story as well. I adored his protectiveness over Jane and his constant push to get her to trust him. 

If you are looking for a good ghost story and paranormal romance this is the book for you! I loved loved this book and think other would enjoy it as well!

Apr 21, 2012

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Book Description:  

When it comes to relationships, Remy doesn't mess around. After all, she's learned all there is to know from her mother, who's currently working on husband number five. But there's
something about Dexter that seems to defy all of Remy's rules. He
certainly doesn't seem like Mr. Right. For some reason, however, Remy just can't seem to shake him. Could it be that Remy's starting to understand what those love songs are all about?

Christina's Book Review

“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you.”

Remy has had a bad example when it comes to finding love. With a mother that is going on her 5 husband and a father that isn't alive there's nothing but bad memories of love in her life. Because of this Remy has the dating game down to a T, from the beginning of dating to when it is time to cut all ties with the guy. She can time it exactly and doesn't bother with getting attached to the 16 something guys she's dated throughout her life. Everything works out perfectly for her until Dexter walks "bumps" into her. From the beginning Remy is repulsed by Dexter and his "terrible" ways. He is everything that she detest. Remy has the Perfect vision of a guy and Musician "sloppy" Dexter is not even in her ballpark of guys that interest her. What Remy doesn't know is that Dexter is very persistent and when he sets his mind to a challenge there isn't any backing down. But has Dexter finally met his defeat in Remy?

Throughout the book I found myself wanting to strangle Remy. She infuriated me like no other character has ever. I found her to be obnoxious and very snobbish throughout the whole book. Because she based her only example of finding and being in love on her mother she is terrible to the guys in her life and thinks badly of the people around her that are in love. During the whole book Dexter tries to set the "relationship" at her pace and hopes to win her over but at the end I didn't feel like she did fall in love with him in any way. I didn't even feel the sincerity in her being open to "trying" to fall in love. I felt like she got so used to Dexter and him being so different that she went along with it. She jumped into another relationship without hesitation (as is her normal) and then because she thought of Dexter once in a while decided that she should have given him the benefit of actually trying. Because of this the book was only given 4 stars.

Dexter on the other hand was adorable! I loved his playful and fun side and you couldn't help but feeling bad that he was investing more into the relationship than Remy. He was so patient with her and although he pushed a little and was always around her he understood that she wasn't to be pushed too much. He was willing to wait but when he didn't see any hope in succeeding he turned away from the person he loved that didn't love him back. I enjoyed reading the parts with him and wished the book had more of him in it. Less Remy more Dexter would have made this book 5 Stars!

I also enjoyed the secondary characters. I loved the guys in the band and like Remy's friends more then her. Lissa was such a sweetheart and she did not deserve what happened with Adam. I would have liked her and John to be together because they would make a cute couple. I knew from the start that Don was a jerk and I felt bad for Remy's mother because she did seem to have bad luck in her marriages and I felt like she was really affected by what Remy's father did. I do however loved that at the end she realized her mistakes and didn't become bitter. Christopher was not a big character in the book but I found it funny how Remy despised Jennifer Ann because she "changed" Chris but didn't see how she was being the same way with Dex.

I loved the plot of the story, the secondary characters and Dexter. I just did not enjoy Remy and because she was the main character and the whole book was about her I can only give it 4 Stars.

Apr 17, 2012

Stained by Ella James

Book Description:

After a fire destroys seventeen-year-old Julia’s home and kills her foster parents, she chases the half-demon responsible across the country and back, determined to avenge her family and discover why a host of celestial baddies want her dead. With Julia is enigmatic hottie - Cayne, who has his own score to settle with the half-demon, and who might be just as dangerous as the creature he and Julia hunt.

Christina's Book Review

First off, I have to say that I enjoyed reading this book!
We start off with Julia coming home to find her house burned down and her "parents" dead. Not wanting to go back into the "system" Julia decides to let everyone believe she is dead along with her parents and turns back on the life she had. While taking shelter in an abandoned warehouse something happens that will change her life forever. The change comes in the format of a Death look alike half demon and Cayne, who happens to literally drop into Julia's warehouse. After healing Cayne with her "special" abilities she notices that the half demon is the one who killed her "parents" and forces Cayne to take her along with him. Along their journey we meet some great secondary characters but you don't get attached to them because they are only a stop on their journey.
As the story progresses we get to learn a little more about the mysterious and totally aloof Cayne as well as learn what Julia is. NO matter how aloof and closed off Cayne is Julia pushes him to open up some and doesn't put up with his crap. What i liked about Julia was her vehemence in getting Cayne to open up and not putting up with his rudeness. I enjoyed their stubbornness and enjoyed watching Cayne finally open up to her. Their relationship was not rushed and was not an insta-love instead it was developed of a need to know from Julia and a bond over wanting to destroy the one person that destroyed both of their lives.
The only reason this got 4 stars was because at times the story seemed to lag a little and because when finally Cayne and Julia to admit their feelings for each other they are separated. :-( But I will be reading Stolen and hoping that we get more Cayne and Julia.

Apr 12, 2012

Chocolate Magic by Kayla Russo

Book Description:

Kat Roth and Mark Denham have plenty in common they’re CEOs of rival Seattle-area candy companies, they’re both in feverish pursuit of number one status in the nation and they were both once married...to each other. Their brief venture into matrimony, an explosive mix of hot passion and all-out war, has made Kat and Mark wary of love and leery of the sparks between them.

Enter Fritz, Mark’s accident-prone young cousin who’s on a secret matchmaking mission. With the collusion of Kat’s father, Fritz concocts a joint Roth-Denham charity campaign that brings the two confectionery arch-enemies together at glitzy fundraising events.

As the campaign proceeds, Kat and Mark eventually end up in the one place their marriage always worked—in bed. All seems well until the ultimate betrayal tears them apart, and Fritz’s plans seem destined for failure. It will take true love and a generous helping of chocolate to finally reunite Mark and Kat forever.

Chocolate Magic was a cute story of love and dedication of family.

We start off 2 years after the divorce of Katarina Roth, CEO to Roth's Confectionery, and Mark Denham, CEO of Denham Candy. Although you think there are good reasons for these two to end their marriage, after a few pages all you can do it ask why did they end their marriage? Easy answer but i won't spoil it. Enter Fritz Denham, Mark's clumsy but sweet cousin. Fritz, with the help of Kat's assistant Norma, and the Denham/Roth family, concoct a plan to bring these two together. With a co-sponsorship on a Kandy for Kids campaign Kat and Mark have no other choice but to work together for the first time since their divorce in which all their HOT feelings for each other come to surface. Through the intervening, manipulating and push of their loved ones, Mark and Kat learn to accept what they both can't deny. Their love is as delicious and enticing as CHOCOLATE.

Throughout the way we also see another couple fall in love and it makes the story that much more interesting. It is always good to see two contrast to falling in love in a story and i think the other couple (won't mention who) added just the hint of sweetness we were craving the whole time.

If you love romance then I recommend you read this story.

Apr 11, 2012

A Chance for Charity by S.L. Baum

Book Description:

If you live LONG enough... love (and danger) will find you.

A new family has just arrived in the isolated mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Welcome the Johnstons - Jason (a doctor), Rachel (a designer), and their niece Emily (a current High School Senior).

Emily has lived the life of a quiet loner in the past, trying to go unnoticed. But with Telluride being such a small and welcoming town, she finds a group of friends at school almost immediately. When Emily meets Link (another new transplant in town) her world turns upside down. She doesn't understand why she feels a magnetic pull toward him, or why she unknowingly lets her guard down around him. Link is just as confused by his own need to be with her.

Emily knows she is playing with fire. She should be doing whatever she can to keep herself isolated, to keep Link from getting too close. Danger has a way of finding Emily's family - that is what keeps them on the move. They arrive in a new town every few years - it is safer that way.

Because... Emily isn't really Emily... her real name is Charity - and Charity has an even bigger secret. Charity and her family are not like other people, they have "skills" that mere mortals cannot begin to comprehend.

Before long, Charity is struggling with the reality that her two lives are coming closer to each other with each passing day. Soon Link will find himself wrapped in a supernatural world that he never knew existed - and discover that mortals are not the only beings that walk this earth
Christina's Book Review
Charity is used to having to move around every couple of years because of who she is. Now in the town of Telluride she is Emily. As you read on you will learn why Charity needs a change of town and identity so often (I won't spoil it). The difference about Telluride is Link, the handsome guy that scoops into Charity's life and is drawn to her. The harder Charity tries to be normal and not send out any "red flags" the harder it is to keep her secret from the guy that loves being around her. After a coincidence Link finally unearths the truth and is brought into Charity's "world".

I was really looking forward to reading this book because it sounded interesting. Although I enjoyed the plot the execution was not good at all. I wanted to love the book and wanted it to get good (as books usually do after the 1st half) but it never did. The characters were flat, the romance boring, and the sequences rushed and terrible. It was a series of sking, talk about the secret, chat with aunt/uncle and the whole thing started again.

It took me a long time to finish this book but I was hoping for things to turn around. And although the introduction of the new characters was a bit better I still found the story too flat. I would like to know how things will progress with Link but I don't think I will be reading the second book in the series at least anytime soon.

Apr 10, 2012

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantasky

Book Description:

Jill Jekel has always obeyed her parents rules; especially the one about never opening the mysterious, old box in her father's office. But when her dad is murdered, and her college savings disappear, she's tempted to peek inside, as the contents might be the key to a lucrative chemistry scholarship.

To improve her odds, Jill enlists the help of gorgeous, brooding Tristen Hyde, who has his own dark secrets locked away. As the team of Jekel and Hyde, they recreate experiments based on the classic novel, hoping not only to win a prize, but to save Tristen's sanity. Maybe his life. But Jill's accidental taste of a formula unleashes her darkest nature and compels her to risk everything, even Tristen's love just for the thrill of being . . . bad.

Christina's BookReview
Anyone that knows me knows that I like the whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story so without a doubt I was intrigued with this book. After reading I had to say that it was as interesting as I thought it would be. I loved how the author took the original story and tried to stay pretty close to it.

The story is told in both Jill Jekel (descendant of Dr. Jekyll) and Tristan Hyde (descendant of Mr. Hyde) perspectives. Jill is your typical goody goody girl and in some parts was annoying. Tristan was the “bad” guy who didn’t want to be that. I found myself really liking every part that Tristan was in and definitely thought that he was much more interesting then Jill.

The premise of the story is: Jill needs to win a competition in order to have money to go to college, Tristan is the perfect partner because of the Hyde and Jekel name, Tristan opposes but then get a dose of reality when he finally accepts the truth about himself, the two work together to help Tristan which in turn helps Jill. If only it were that simple. During their story we also learn about the evils that are within feet’s of them.

If you love or are fascinated with the Jekyll/Hyde story then you will enjoy reading this book. It is a whole new modern twist to the story we have read.

The only reason this book was a 4 star instead of 5 was because Jill annoyed me in most parts and because we never fully get the details of the big ending.

Benedict Series by Joss Stirling

Book Description: 

When Sky catches a glimpse of Zed for the first time, lounging against his motorbike at school, she is drawn to him just like every other girl in Wickenridge. But Zed sees something special in her that the other girls don't have. Zed tells her they are both Savants - people with special powers like telepathy and the ability to see into the future. Not only that, she is a Savant too, and his soulfinder - meant to be together.

When a soulfinder speaks telepathically to her partner, it's like all the lights coming on in a building. You lit me up like Vegas. But for Sky it's just not that easy - she's a mystery to herself, haunted by nightmares from her past before she was adopted, and riddled with doubt and insecurity. Just when Sky is slowly coming round to the idea of being with Zed she is kidnapped by a family of criminal Savants. In a chilling twist, Sky and Zed's relationship is put to the ultimate test and the fate of those she loves lie in Sky's hands. Will Sky have the strength to embrace her power and be brave enough to control her own destiny, or will the dark demons of her past prevent her from realising her true potential?

Christina's BookReview
“like Belgian chocolate—absolutely sinful and completely irresistible’.” 

Finding Sky is about a girl, Sky, who has lived in darkness her whole life. She's blocked out all of her childhood because it wasn't a good one. After her adoptive parents receive a job offer in the US they leave London. So this book is your typical girl moves into town, boy is attracted to her and they fall in love. The difference between Finding Sky and other books is that she doesn't just fall for the guy, Zed. Yes she is attracted to him but the falling in love doesn't come instantly. I liked that when she found out what he is and what she is it wasn't a wrap. Sky questioned everything and didn't automatically believe what was told to her.

Zed Benedict, hmm what can I say about this bad boy turned good? Zed as the 7th Benedict son has a lot on his plate. When we meet Zed we see how much of a rebel he is but who wouldn't be when a person has seen so much darkness in there life? When we finally get to learn more about him you can't help but sympathize with him. See Zed and his family are Savants. Savants are telepathic and each have special powers. Zed being the 7th son makes his powers much more extreme. Enter Sky, his Soulfinder. Being a Savent it is rarely usual to find your Soulfinder especially at an early age. So when Zed does he automatically become dependent on Sky and protective of her. He is so patient with her and does not push the Savant/Soulfinder stuff on her. He lets her come to terms with her powers and new life.

Along with Sky and Zed is a great cast of secondary characters. From Sky's group of friends, Nelson, Tina and Zoe. To the Benedict Brothers, Xav, Yves, Will, Victor, Uriel, and Trace, who are just about the greatest guys!

Overall, this was a good story of finding yourself. What i didn't enjoy about the book was that the action was a little bit boring and that we never get to see Zed and Skys' powers working together. It is mentioned throughout the book how soulfinders powers increase but we never see that. That and the grammatical errors brought this down to 3.5.

Book Description:

Yves' story.

This is about getting you out...I'm stealing you.
Phoenix belongs to the Community - a gang of thieves with paranormal powers. Yves Benedict - an American student visiting London - is her mark. But Yves turns out to be more than just a target. He is her destiny. Her soulmate. But the Community owns Phoenix's past and it wants her future too.

Christina's BookReview
“I'm not a little woman you need to defend.'His face hardened. 'That's exactly what you are: you're my little woman and I'm not having you sacrifice yourself for me.”

Loved Loved Loved it!

So I finished this book last night and when the last sentence was read I was so sad. I thought that Finding Sky was a good read but Stealing Phoenix was a great read!

In stealing Phoenix we meet Phee, a thief for a community of bad Savants. When her target is none other then the 6th Benedict son things turn crazy for her. After trying to steal his good and getting burned in the process, Phee has to try again. She must steal from him. Its her only way to stay alive. So the next day Phee is on mission to try again but this time Yves is not going to be caught unprepared again. Little do both of them know that they are each others half. Each others Soulfinder. That is where the story gets interesting...

I loved the connection between Phoenix and Yves and loved having more of the romance and connection between characters in this book. I liked how, like his brother Zed, Yves didn't give up on Phee and showed her that she was capable of being loved. He was so sweet and gentle with her but he also showed his tough side as well. I have to say I loved to see a little of the other brothers strength in Yves, that made him so much more hot! :-)

And by gosh we got much much more of the Benedicts, including Sky, and I ADORE them! They are all so caring, generous and so accepting. From book 1 I loved Xav's and this book just made me love him more! I cannot wait to read his story in Seeking Crystal!

So if you haven't read this book you are missing out!

Apr 7, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Book Description:

The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate percentage of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend America, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand.

Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs—and wants—to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the charming college co-ed. Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his charms, Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis’ apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match.
Christina's BookReview
“I know we're fucked up, alright? I'm impulsive, and hot tempered, and you get under my skin like no one else. You act like you hate me one minute, and then need me the next. I never get anything right, and I don't deserve you...but I fucking love you, Abby. I love you more than I loved anyone or anything ever. When you're around, I don't need booze, or money, or the fighting, or the one-night stands...”

It has been a month since I've read this book and I still feel the same way as I did when I read it. I loved Everything about this book! I thought Abby was a great protagonist and Travis was...Travis...:-) I loved that he was a straight up bad boy but had a soft spot for the people he loved. I think him and Abby made a good couple. Although, he annoyed me with some of his "acts" I liked that he had flaws like every other guy in real life. I think that's what I liked about the story the most, the reality in it. No one was perfect, everybody had their flaws.

Many people write about the "abuse" in the relationship and that will deter people from reading this book but I didn't see any in the book. Travis fell in love, he wanted to protect Abby, he wanted to be good for her and that stamps him as "abusive"? Well then we(the people that LOVE Travis) must all have issues. If you expecting to read about a sunsets and butterflies relationship then this is not the book for you. If you want to read about finding love and the nitty gritty of a relationship then you will LOVE this "Beautiful Disaster".

I loved the romance and the adventure in the book.Getting to know about Abby's past was really interesting and exciting. I loved Travis's family and enjoyed Shepley and America.

I recommend this book to every person out there looking to read a great book with real life relationship issues or just a GREAT book in general!

Apr 3, 2012

Fissure by Nicole Williams

Book Description: 

Patrick Hayward’s never been a one woman type of guy, that’s why he never dates just one. However, still reeling the loss of the one woman he took a chance on falling in love with to his older brother, Patrick is enrolled—sequestered, if you asked him—at Stanford in hopes of breaking him out of his months long, beard growing, rootbeer chugging, hygiene impaired, funk.

Something breaks when a certain Emma Scarlett storms into his life his first week on campus as he’s suntanning and cat calling when he should be in class. Emma sees through his act and calls him out like she’s seen his kind a million times before, but Patrick knows he isn’t one of a million, he’s one in a million.

Intrigued by this fascinating creature that is ignorant to his charm, surrounded by four older brothers who look at Patrick like he’s a bug they could squish, and dating the same guy for the past six years who gives new meaning to the term territorial boyfriend, Patrick gravitates to her, knowing she’s everything he shouldn’t fall for.

So, of course, he can’t help himself.

Forcing the stars to realign and slapping fate in the face, Patrick takes matters into his own hands and finds a way to wrangle his way into Emma’s life at every chance. As Emma begins to open up to him, he’s about to discover she’s thwarted by as many secrets as he is.

But hers are the kind that make you want to keep your light on at night.

Patrick never could have imagined a more unhappy ever after for himself than the one he's about to face.
Christina's BookReview
AHHH! what can i say about Fissure?!

I literally feel high on Patrick! :-) Gah I missed him!

If you thought William and Bryn's story was incredible then prepare for Awesomeness! How can you not when our main man here is Patrick FREAKING SEXY Hayward! Okay Okay on to my review....

The book picks up a month after United Eden. Patrick has turned into a shell of himself after seeing the women he fell in love with marry his older brother. You would think Patrick was a jealous fool, but he's far from that. He's happy for William and Bryn but it doesn't stop his heart from hurting. After the Hayward men interfere and bring him out his "funk" Patrick is sent to the world of mortals in their 20s. College.

After slacking off and being called out on it by a girl with the "sexiest" legs he's seen Patrick stumbles upon Emma. Little does he know that Emma will be his other half in all ways he didn't see coming. When Emma seems to call him out on all his "crappy lines" Patrick can't help but be intrigued with her and little by little comes to terms that he is truly and utterly in love with her. Now if only things would be that easy....

Enter Ty Steele. Emma's incredibly despicable boyfriend. From the first line you know that this guy is the devil incarnate. From his way of speaking to her in public and the "volleyball bruises" Emma hides. Unfortunately Emma is good at hiding and Patrick trusts that she wouldn't lie to him. So throughout the book we have to see a scared Emma defending her terrible "boyfriend" and pushing Patrick away. I swear I wanted to wring her neck every time she refused Patrick's help. I wanted Patrick to show her that he was invincible, unfortunately we don't get to see that in this book.Patrick tries every which way to show her he loves her but each advance is blocked by Ty which is then blocked by Emma. After being fed up Patrick finally lays it all out and is rewarded, FINALLY, with a very much in love Emma. Unfortunately Ty isn't so easily accepting of that.

Cut to the chaos in the book and then ending (I won't ruin it. Read and find out.)...

I LOVED LOVED finally being able to see more of the Hayward brothers! Gah, i missed them! I squealed when they finally made their appearance! :-) I can't wait to see what happens next in The Patrick Chronicles! BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't put our Patrick in orange, Nicole! I just couldn't bear it. :-)

I hope in Fusion we are able to see more of the Hayward's and the Immortal world. I think Emma will be a great Immortal! Emma and Patrick's story has so much potential that three books would suffice to cover it. (hint hint) :-)

This book can stand alone but I would recommend that you read the Eternal Eden Trilogy before this, to get the full story!