Nov 20, 2013

~REVIEW~ The Mating by Nicky Charles

Title: The Mating (Law of Lycans #1)
Author: Nicky Charles
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn.

EXCERPT: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done. They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings...

"Sometimes our lives have moments of great disappointment. It's difficult at the time, but we have to move beyond."

There are few books that keep me reading until the wee hours of the night. The Mating was one of them. From the very first page I could not put the book down and when I had too I was anxious to get back to it.

Ending up mated to a complete stranger was never something Elise thought of. She always thought that one day she would marry someone in her tribe that she was in love with. That man was Brandon. But when she returns home from an outing with Brandon Elise is introduced to her new mate, Kane. Because Kane has just become an Alpha and Elise’s tribe needs an ally they are “mated” on the same night of their first encounter. And to seal the deal the two must consummate their “marriage” which is something Elise has always thought would be with someone she loves.What surprises her though is the tenderness that Kane shows her and the feelings that ignite in her when they are together.

When she finally arrives at her new home Elise quickly becomes the target of someone's revenge. While her new pack tries to stay alive and keep away the killer, Elise tries to come to terms with her new home and her new mate. Kane is a great mate but he also doesn't see what's so obvious to everyone else. The girl he has grown up with also has her sights set on him. And she won't let go so easily. 

The Mating is a wonderful concoction of romance and suspense, with a side of HOT Alpha male. While the book weaves in a wonderful suspenseful mix, its focus is Elise and Kane's mating and the growth of their relationship. Elise was a wonderful headstrong heroine and Kane was a sweet but intense Alpha. There were some pretty HOT scenes which will have you devouring the pages, but it wasn't overly done. 

Thank you to the lovely reader who recommended this series because I adored it!! But don't take my word for it, Pick it up. Read it. Adore it!

Happy Reading!

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Nicky Charles is an independent writer/publisher who creates stories in her spare time as a hobby and means of relaxation. Fellow indie author, Jan Gordon (Black Silk) serves as her sounding board and editor.

Nicky started writing fanfic for "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" in January of 2009 and wrote her first original, a romantic thriller entitled Forever In Time, in August of that year.

She has written a number of books in her Law of the Lycans series and has several ideas for continuing the story line for some time to come.

Nicky lives in Canada and tries to stick to Canadian spelling in her work, in support of her country. When writing, she loves to describe scenes as if she were 'playing a movie in her head."

Ms. Charles' favourite author is Elizabeth Peters and she owns every book in the Amelia Peabody and Vicky Bliss series! Stories that are romantic, have light mysteries and a touch of the paranormal also appeal to her.

As well as reading, Nicky enjoys writing (of course), gardening, desserts, dark chocolate, her two cats and taking day trips to small out of the way places.

Connect with Nicky: WEBSITE ~ FACEBOOK

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