Dec 26, 2013

~ANNOUNCEMENT~ This is the end. But Not Really.

Hi Lovelies!

So I’m sure many have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent the last two weeks and I want to take a moment and explain myself.

This year I decided that I would open my blog up and try blog tours and review request as a new way to be active in the blog community. And although it has been a wonderful experience I eventually started to feel like it probably wasn’t the best option for me. Tours and reviews started taking up much of my time and I was forced to finish books that I didn’t really want to. Some time during it all, I realized that reading books became sort of a job to me. Which has led to what I’ve been going through recently, stress. What was once my reprieve from my personal life chaos has now become part of the “issue”.  So for the last month not only am I dealing with personal issues but have also been struggling to open up a book (or power my kindle) and actually read a book.

Sadly, after some deep soul searching I’ve decided that for 2014 I will not be participating in any new blog tours, promotional tours, and will have a stricter review policy. I will still continue promoting books here and there, but will not, regrettably, continue on with any promotional companies. This in no way, shape or form is intended to upset or offend anyone. I have been able to participate in some amazing tours, reviewed and promoted some wonderful book, and have met some wonderful authors, readers and bloggers.  This is a decision that I have made in order to help me find what I feel has been missing recently. My passion for reading.  At a later time if that changes I will give it another try. But for now this is it.

This leads me to what I will be doing starting in January. I know that many of you can identify with the same problem I have as a reader. It being, having so many books, but so little time. Which leads me to having a bookshelf (both physical and electronic) full of books that have been neglected and pushed to the side. Because of that reason I have decided to take a shot at reading the books that have been sitting there and I haven’t been able to get too. For 2014 I’m going to start my “Clearing the Shelves” Challenge. The goal is to read as many as books as possible that are sitting on my bookshelf at home and on my Kindle. I am 100% sure I will not get to all my books but I am taking a shot at hopefully putting a dent in the stack. Now I know you are asking about new books that are released and if I will be reading those. Rest assure that if it is a book that I have been waiting to read or have an aspiration to read then it will be added to my reading list.

I know this post was pretty long and if you made it to this point thanks for taking the time to read it. 

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HOLIDAY and received everything they've wanted!!  


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