Apr 29, 2014

~REVIEW~ When Wishes Collide by Barbara Freethy

When Wishes Collide (Wish #3) 

Adrianna Cavello's life changed in an instant when a break-in at her restaurant took the life of her boyfriend and left her too traumatized to return to work. Months later, with everything she's ever wanted on the line, Adrianna makes a wish by tossing a coin into a fountain known for making miracles.

Wyatt Randall is also in need of a miracle. Two years earlier, his ex-wife kidnapped their daughter, and Wyatt is desperate to find his little girl. A new lead raises his hopes, but quickly fizzles out. When his coin clashes with another, he sees what little hope he has flying away.

Adrianna and Wyatt soon learn that they have more in common than two coins that collided. In fighting for the lives they lost, they must learn how to trust again. Only then will they discover that meeting each other and falling in love might not be what they wished for, but exactly what they need.


The Plot

On a regular afternoon, two strangers meet while making a wish at a fountain. When their wishes collide both realize that there is a reason they were brought together. When one realizes that his missing daughter is the reason, he stops at nothing to get her to help him find his daughter. He believes and knows that she is what he’s needed all along. And while the two search for his missing daughter both come to realize that maybe there’s more reason behind the collision of their wishes. A friendship quickly turns into so much more as they both search for the missing daughter. 

The Characters

Growing up with a difficult childhood after her mother’s death Adrianna has always taken care of herself. Now a chef, nothing has changed. Until the night that takes away someone close to her and leaves her with a crippling fear of life. When she meets Wyatt she finds her true self during her friendship with him.

Wyatt has been secluded since losing his daughter to her vengeful mother. He has given up on life and everyone around him seems to pity him. He spends his day and nights trying to find clues to lead him to his daughter with no avail. When Adrianna gives him his first shred of hope he stops at nothing to follow the clues. And though he seems to be only focused on his daughter he can’t help the emotions that fill him when Adrianna is around. While she gives him hope he gives her the one thing she needs: the will to live her life.

The Romance

Although minimal, there was romance. Both characters find a solace in each other that they never experienced. But first and foremost the story centered on the search for Stephanie, Wyatt’s daughter. They both refused to let desire get in the way of what they needed to do. So while there was romance they fault against it so much that it frustrated the reader and makes it seem like its forced. In end it is wrapped up so fast that you really don't feel like it was love between them.

The Wrap-Up

So all in all When Wishes Collide was a sweet and interesting read. I would have wished to have more of a connection grow between the characters but what we did see was sweet. If you are in need of a quick and light read I would say give this a try.

Happy Reading!

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