Apr 12, 2012

Chocolate Magic by Kayla Russo

Book Description:

Kat Roth and Mark Denham have plenty in common they’re CEOs of rival Seattle-area candy companies, they’re both in feverish pursuit of number one status in the nation and they were both once married...to each other. Their brief venture into matrimony, an explosive mix of hot passion and all-out war, has made Kat and Mark wary of love and leery of the sparks between them.

Enter Fritz, Mark’s accident-prone young cousin who’s on a secret matchmaking mission. With the collusion of Kat’s father, Fritz concocts a joint Roth-Denham charity campaign that brings the two confectionery arch-enemies together at glitzy fundraising events.

As the campaign proceeds, Kat and Mark eventually end up in the one place their marriage always worked—in bed. All seems well until the ultimate betrayal tears them apart, and Fritz’s plans seem destined for failure. It will take true love and a generous helping of chocolate to finally reunite Mark and Kat forever.

Chocolate Magic was a cute story of love and dedication of family.

We start off 2 years after the divorce of Katarina Roth, CEO to Roth's Confectionery, and Mark Denham, CEO of Denham Candy. Although you think there are good reasons for these two to end their marriage, after a few pages all you can do it ask why did they end their marriage? Easy answer but i won't spoil it. Enter Fritz Denham, Mark's clumsy but sweet cousin. Fritz, with the help of Kat's assistant Norma, and the Denham/Roth family, concoct a plan to bring these two together. With a co-sponsorship on a Kandy for Kids campaign Kat and Mark have no other choice but to work together for the first time since their divorce in which all their HOT feelings for each other come to surface. Through the intervening, manipulating and push of their loved ones, Mark and Kat learn to accept what they both can't deny. Their love is as delicious and enticing as CHOCOLATE.

Throughout the way we also see another couple fall in love and it makes the story that much more interesting. It is always good to see two contrast to falling in love in a story and i think the other couple (won't mention who) added just the hint of sweetness we were craving the whole time.

If you love romance then I recommend you read this story.

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