Jun 4, 2012

Tigerlily by Jillian Peery

Book Description:

Author Jillian Peery takes you back to the magical world of PineLight in the heart-pounding sequel, TigerLily.
They were mortal enemies. And I loved them both.
It was my curse, an unending punishment, and a waste of my heart. Finn and Edmund were a part of me, running through my bloodstream like sweet adrenaline, keeping me alive. All of our past, present, and future intertwined like an ever-growing grapevine. Both were forbidden, but my heart didn’t care. It would only be a matter of time before these two passions ripped me apart.

Christina's BookReview
 "If every person is born with two sides, one good, one bad, is it possible that each side could love a different heart?"

The second time around is sweeter!

In book 1 we met Clarabella Callahan and learned about the world of Everest. We discovered that she was not only a guardian, but the guardian that will put an end to the evil that unleashed.We also met Edmund, a not so good guy and Finn the king of Everest, the kingdom in which Clara and her family live and the love of Clara's life. And although, I enjoyed Pinelight I didn't love it.
In book 2 we pick up a while after the end of Pinelight. Clara is mourning the loss of the two most important men in her life, Finn and her father. One lost because of destiny and another at the hand of the dark side. When she finds out that her father is alive she decides to go looking for him in the Lost World. There she is rescued by Edmund from the dangers of the waters. Although she hates Edmund because of his betrayal in book 1 Clara little by little begins to see the truth behind him. The man behind the mask is not what he seemed.

As Edmund and Clara travel together to find the truth behind her destiny and find a way to rescue her father something happens. Clara falls in love with the man that she once hated. But falling in love is not logical for Clara because there will always be Finn.

Finn comes looking for Clara and thinks he is rescuing her from Edmund, the traitor. He agrees to help Clara continue her journey to find her father and to vanquish the new evil threat. The spawn of Victor, Erik. As they travel to Zyon to recover the land and finish off Erik Clara fights the feelings she has for Finn. A King could never marry a Guardian. The King of Everest is destined to unite with the Queen of Zyon, which is Kalani, the girl her father rescued from Zy when Victor attacked it. Finn is forbidden and so Clara tries to deal with the pain of loving him in quiet. All the while having Finn protect her from getting killed.

There's a battle. There's a loss of a friend. There's a win and conquering of the kingdom. The loss of a loved one. There's a love acknowledged. Two loves. Both forbidden. There's a trial with a surprising interruption...

Tigerlily was a great read! I felt just as confused as Clara did between Edmund and Finn. And at this moment I still do. On one hand we have the mystery but loving ways of Edmund. On the other the sweet and caring love of Finn. What's a girl to do? I have no freaking idea...lol...and that's what makes me love this book. Its hard to find a book where both love interest are swoon-worthy and Jillian has hit the mark. I can't wait to see where this leads and how it will all wrap up. I laughed, cried, screamed in anger and smiled throughout this book.

If you haven't checked out the Pinelight series do yourself a favor and pick it up! Enter a new world. I dare you. :-)
  (See below for a synopsis of PineLight, Book 1 in this series) 

PineLight (Book 1)

"I loved him - that was my torment. And I was losing him all over again."
Walls crumbled all around me. An undeniable force pulled at my core. I tried to fight it, I tried to deny it the power, but I was weak. I felt pain in my side, and I knew that this dark force was winning. My veins started to burn, and I screamed, but it didn't stop.

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