Oct 9, 2012

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

Book Description:

Lexi White finds herself at a crossroads. After putting everything on hold to care for her ailing father, it’s finally time for her to start living her life again. An exciting new job holds the promise of a fresh start, until she comes face to face with someone from her past who has always stopped her dead in her tracks, and who evidently still has the power to make her forget her own name. This time around, Lexi’s a grown woman who refuses to back away from her dreams, even if it requires working with her old high school crush. Side by side. Every day. Will he end up being her downfall or exactly what she needs?

Vincent doesn’t even remember Lexi from high school, but he begins to take notice when the fiery young woman is hired as his new assistant. Quickly, Lexi turns his world upside down and becomes an invaluable addition not only to his team, but to his life. Having learned a few hard lessons about trust in the past, Vincent is reluctant to let down his guard, especially when it appears that someone is out to sabotage his family’s advertising agency. Professionally, they are dynamite together, but when sparks fly between them personally, will Vincent let lies and jealousy ruin everything between them, or will he finally learn not only how to love, but ultimately trust…in advertising?

Victoria Michaels once again delivers a can’t-put-it-down novel loaded with engaging characters, cheeky dialogue, and powerful emotions. Trust in Advertising is a cleverly woven tale about two people getting to know each other and ultimately themselves.

Christina's BookReview
“I want you to know everything about me, Lexi, to see inside me, beyond my gruff arrogance, beyond the hurt and loneliness, to the man underneath it all.There are things about me no one knows, but I want to share them with you.” 


Alexandra White has everything figured out. She is finally done with high school and is moving away to go to the College of her choice. But when dire circumstances take her back home her dream is put on hold. Eight years later and she’s ready to start over again; starting with finding a job that doesn’t consist of working at a coffee shop. When she lands the dream job she isn’t expecting for Vincent Drake to be her boss.

Vincent Drake is cruel and arrogant. He doesn’t have time for pleasantries or feelings. Vincent Drake is not the same guy Lexi fell head over heels for. He isn’t the same guy that she “stalked” in high school.

Good thing that Lexi White isn’t a push over. When Vincent realizes that his new assistant isn’t like previous ones he is first infuriated but then intrigued. As the two are forced to work together and come to terms with the fact that they are beneficial for each other they must also face what’s happening. Love is working its magic.

But can Lexi help Vincent get over the one thing that will destroy any possibility of a relationship? Can Lexi show Vincent that he can trust her?

My Take:

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book!

Lexi isn’t your normal “pushover” protag. She stands up for herself and doesn’t put up with Vincent’s attacks or mood swings. Lexi is sweet and loving which makes you like her automatically but when she doesn’t let people walk all over her you respect her.

Vincent is a total jerk at first but when Maddie is introduced you instantly fall for him. He is a perfect example of a man hiding because of terrible past experiences. That one scene doesn’t define him but shows you that there is so much more to him. And as the story progress you see just how much; from his sweet gestures of apology to Lexi to his pride in her and her development at Hunter Advertising.

If there is one pairing that can make a relationship work it is one where both are equal partners and strong. Lexi and Vincent are both.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters just as much. Hope was a kick ass best friend and I loved her “no shit” attitude. I loved how she gave Lexi that push she needed. And her relationship with Sean was something that I expected and Loved! The player guy meets the tough girl. LOVED IT! :-) Madison was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed the relationship she had with her uncle. She also earned extra points for loving Beauty and Beast since it’s my favorite princess story and it was perfect for Lexi and Vincent’s story!

I will however mention that there were some parts that lagged a little. There were also parts where Lexi would want to cry just because she was yelled at and it made me want to smack some sense into her. But I also understand how anger makes you want to cry too. But other than that I enjoyed this book.

If you are rethinking reading this, DON’T! It is a great story! Pick it up now!

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