Oct 1, 2012

10 Weeks by Jolene Perry & Janna Watts

Book Description:

10 weeks, 3 counselors...summer love shouldn't be this complicated.

Kay-Kay has known Alex since she was first a camper. He's always been her friend, the guy who gets her more than anyone else. Now, she's nineteen and suddenly he's become more. But with so much of her life still ahead of her, Kay-Kay isn't sure if risking her heart will be worth risking her future.

Jody is not the girl who goes after the hottie. She's the girl who sits in the corner with her steady boyfriend and observes. But when her boyfriend unexpectedly dumps her, and the Irish bartender seems interested... This might have to be her summer of firsts.

Sam doesn't do love. She's tested those waters and has no interest in nearly drowning again. But a summer away from the perfect guy isn't doing anything to heal her heart. Memories of Nate along with his constant texts lead Sam into a self-destructive spiral. And it's only when he forces his way back into her life that she learns the only way to save herself is to open her heart.

Christina's BookReview
(Separate rating for each story below)

Kay Kay and Alex have been friends since her first day of camp. This year she is determined to get him to finally notice her and her love for him. Even if that means breaking some rules. The problem is their relationship would be complicated. Alex is twice her age. Will this feisty 19yr old get her way? Or will her heart be broken?
Jody is having the worse summer ever. After a two year relationship her boyfriend Jeff dumps her without a second thought. Jody thought she had her whole life figured out. Finish her business degree get a career and marry Jeff. When her perfect life shatters she is lost. She isn't like Kay Kay or Sam. She's innocent. But when the gorgeous bartender at Little Minnow sets her world on fire Jo will learn how to finally let go and be her. Or will her heart be shattered again?
Sam doesn't care about anything but partying and having the time of her life at the miserable camp this summer. She HAS to forget. Nate wasn't suppose to happen. She wasn't prepared for what was thrown her way. Will Sam get her wish or will she finally see the good in  her?

Each different, but all facing the same thing. Complicated Love.
I enjoyed Kay Kay's story with Alex and although it weirded me out at first I was happy when everything seemed to work out for them. Her go for what you want attitude was exactly what was needed and what made her story great to read.
Jody's story was definitely my favorite. Although she frustrated me at times I loved seeing the transformation in her.  I loved Liam and the impact he had on her change. I loved how he was patient and loving with her. Although he screwed up he made up for it and had me on his good side again. When I got to the end of her story I was sad and wished for more.
The story I liked least was Sam's. I understood where her fear came from and why she ran but didn't really connect to her character. She was really bitchy and slutty and then everything just patched up. She got scared, she ran, she tried to forget, she ran back. That sums up her story.
The one thing I would have liked was for the girls to have more of a connection. It seemed like they were all just friends because they were stuck at camp.
All in all I enjoyed reading this. The first two stories were the best. Jody's being my favorite. Anyone looking for a light read will enjoy these three stories.
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  1. So this was 3 seperate stories or three stories interwoven?
    I really liked 'knee deep' by jolene perry so I'm hoping to get round to reading all of her books!

    1. Interwoven because they are at the same camp, are friends at the camp and each make an appearance in each others story. But they can stand on their own.