Jul 25, 2013

REVIEW: Love & Decay, Episode #2 by Rachel Higginson

Love and Decay, Episode One

Episode #2:
Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

Reagan and Haley thought they had life figured out. Kill a few Zombies in the morning, scavenge for food, kill some more Zombies, find a place to take cover for the night. Life was simple and relatively routine. Well, until they met the Parker brothers.

Now, they’re road-tripping south together, in the hopes of escaping the Apocalypse riddled world they live in and finding some peace on the other side of the equator. Hendrix and Vaughan make some things easier with their ample supply of weapons and ability to scout out safe places and travel unharmed. But then some things are more difficult with two gorgeous, protective boys working hard to convince Reagan she needs them.

But who has time for feelings when there are scarier things to worry about? When they run into an outpost of militia, their futures might be decided for them. Now they don’t only have to dodge Zombies, but figure out a way to escape a settlement full of men intent on making the Parker brothers soldiers and Haley and Reagan join their brothel of women.

Survival at the end of the world is a costly thing, and Reagan can only take it one day at a time. With the Parker brothers and their precious sister Page now in the mix, survival is even more imperative and this day, more than any other, might be the most dangerous of them all.

Love and Decay, Episode two, the second in a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.
This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks.

Check out my review of Episode #1 and purchase links at: http://christinabookreviews.blogspot.com/2013/07/review-love-decay-episode-1-by-rachel.html

Episode #2 REVIEW
"Love wasn’t what motivated me yet. But I could feel it coming, feel it rolling into my life slowly, securely, in a way that wouldn’t get erased or replaced. And while I waited for love, I would fight this decay and live with hope. Because if it was all I had, hope when everything was hopeless, wasn’t so bad."
Reagan and Haley have set out toward Peru with The Parker family. As they travel, Reagan and Haley are taught how to protect themselves and find themselves wanting to protect the others as well. But just when they seem to be getting on, trouble hits. Not only in the form of Zombies but also humans, humans that aren’t friendly and refuse to take NO as an answer.

With no other option, they follow the mad men to their compound. 

During their time there Reagan realizes that not one but two Parker men are possibly interested in her. There is Vaughn, their leader and the oldest, who is sweet and protective of everyone he loves. And then there is Hendrix, who is like his older brother but different in a serious way. Vaughn is pretty subtle with his intent but Hendrix has never been subtle and he stirs feelings in Reagan that she has never felt.

But in a world of decay they live in, Love is hard for Reagan to believe in.  The only thing she has is hope. Hope that they all make it out alive, that there is a possibility of reclaiming humanity and that maybe Peru isn’t a hopeless goal.

Hope is the only thing she has left; but love isn’t too far off…

Episode two will take you on the next step of this adventure! You will be so infuriated at times, laugh your head off at others, and swoon over the overly protective brothers!

Continue this wonderful novella series! Pick up Episode #2 on July 26th! Don’t miss out!

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