Jan 26, 2014

~REVIEW~ Reborn by Sara Mack

Reborn (The Guardian Trilogy #3)Synopsis

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

When Emma Donohue wakes to find her world turned upside down, she wants nothing more than to return to the life she knew. To a life filled with a loving family, close friends, and college classes. To a normal life that didn’t involve the supernatural, odd bracelets, or three strangers who refuse to leave her side.

Unsure of what truly happened during The Allegiant’s attack, Emma tries to reconcile her past with her growing feelings for James, Garrett, and Dane. They remain steadfast in her protection, awaiting the arrival of the only people who hold the answers.

The Larvatus.

When Madeline and Ash appear, the revelations they bring not only rock Emma’s world, but everyone she touches. Her mind is twisted, caught up in new abilities and new desires. Her old self forgotten, she has never been more scared. She has never been more confused.

She has never been more empowered.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
But, sometimes, the absence leaves space for something better.


Reborn is the third and final installment in the Guardian Trilogy!

In this installment we pick up right where we left off. Emma is now trying to get back to the life she left behind and come to terms with her new "gift". But with most of her memories gone things aren't so easy. Especially when two boys are in love with you and you can't remember anything about them.

First there is Dane that hasn't left her side since being on the island. He takes care of her and makes her laugh. His attention drives her crazy but his kisses and his personality engulfs her with happiness. But she can't remember loving him. 

There is also James. Who everyone tells her was the love of her life. And although she doesn't remember Emma knows that he is someone very spcial to her. 

And if that isn't enough Emma must now face the next step in her life. She is Charmed and part of The Lavartus. The moment someone close to her is taken away she must learn to harness her knew "gifts" and fight to rescue and protect her loved ones.

Reborn is filled with wonderful moments as well as those that will make you tear up. The plus being that for a "Team Dane" fan this book gives us what we have always wanted. MORE DANE. The scenes between Emma and he are so cute and made me smile throughout. Since the beginning he has been patient with her and has given her the choice. His devotion and love for Emma is what made me adore his character.

For you "Team James" fans do not worry because they also have their moments as well. James and Emma learn to become comfortable around each other and to work together to bring back their friends.

We also meet new characters in Reborn and old ones turn up again! One being Garrett, who I as well as many others have come to adore. He was still his wonderful self and I will definitely miss reading about him the most.

And of course Emma choses her side. I wont go into that much but will say that things all work out.

So I hope you pick this up and enjoy it!


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