Jul 16, 2012

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Book Description:

Being the good girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ashton Gray has grown weary of playing the part to please her parents, and to be worthy of the town’s prince charming, Sawyer Vincent. Maybe That’s why she’s found herself spending time with Sawyer’s cousin, Beau, while he’s away for the summer camping with his family. Beau is nothing like her perfect boyfriend. He’s the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, dangerous in ways she’s only day dreamed about, and the one guy she should stay away from.
Beau never envied Sawyer his loving parents, his big nice home, or his position as quarterback. He loves him like a brother. Which is why he's tried everything in his power to keep his distance from Sawyer’s girlfriend. Even if he has loved her since the age of five, Ashton is Sawyer’s girl, so therefore she’s off limits. But when Sawyer leaves for the summer, Ashton, the one girl Beau would move Heaven and Earth for, decides she wants to get into trouble. Stabbing the one person who’s always accepted him and stood by him in the back, is the cost of finally holding Ashton Gray in his arms. Is she worth losing his cousin over?.... Hell Yeah

Christina's BookReview
"I love you. I know the real you too. You think I don't but how easily you forget I was the one who bailed you out of trouble over and over again as kids. I didn't ask the perfect Ashton to be my girlfriend when I was fourteen years old. I asked the only Ash I'd ever known. You changed all on your own. I'm not going to lie. I was proud of the girl you had become. My world was complete. I had the perfect family, perfect girl, perfect future. I let myself forget the other girl you once were."

Ashton Gray, Beau Vincent and Sawyer Vincent are best friends. As they grow and Sawyer decides to take his chances and ask Ashton out, the other Vincent boy stands by with regret. When Sawyer is gone for the summer, the two people he love most are about to commit the worse crime...

I wish I could say I loved this book. I did like it. I think what made me not like this is the fact that Ashton and Beau didn't seem to "love" Sawyer as much as they mentioned. They basically did what they wanted and decided to deal with it whenever Sawyer was back. Although they loved each other they went about it the wrong way. The excuse that Sawyer didn't know the "real" Ash is nothing but a foolish excuse. He did know her, he was the one always bailing her and Beau out of trouble. If she changed it was because she wanted to, he didn't make her. He wasn't at fault for anything and was stabbed in the back by the two people he loved most in the world.

Not to mention that the "rekindling" of Ash and Beau's friendship/relationship was rushed and at times seemed to be all about satisfying Ashton "easy" side. She quickly throws all her morals out the window when she's with Beau instead of finding the line between good vs "bad". To me Ashton seemed selfish throughout the whole book. I didn't find myself feeling sorry for what happened after the revelation.

I liked that Beau was there for her when her world was turned upside down, I appreciated that he helped her find the "real" her. What I didn't like was that he seemed to not care about what his repercussions would be for doing things with his "cousins" girl.

Like I said The Vincent Boys was okay. I'm looking forward to reading about Sawyers story next and think I will enjoy it more then this one. He was wronged here and he deserves his happy ever after.

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