Apr 4, 2013

Keystone by Misty Provencher

Keystone (Cornerstone, #2)

Book Description:

There’s a man-made storm coming, like a rip in the world, and it’s called the Cusp.

Struggling to fit into the destiny she’s accepted, Nalena Maxwell has been left with one objective: she must find her murdered grandfather’s Memory. Stolen and hidden away by her own father over seventeen years ago, the Memory could be the key to ending the Cusp and destroying the Ianua’s rival community, The Fury.

Driven by each individual’s selfish desires, The Fury has always lacked the loyalty and organization it needs to be an actual force of power.

Until now.

Someone masterminded the Fury’s massive attack on the Ianua, slaughtering twelve of their thirteen community leaders, the Addos. Now there are rumors that the 13th Cura, to which Nali belongs, has gone to the Fury, manipulating the last Addo in order to control the other 12 Curas.

As the Cusp brings the Fury and their own communities against them, Nalena’s Cura must preserve the Ianua, but finding the key to the Cusp isn’t as simple as it seems.

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“Some things you just can’t understand until the moment that you do.”

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In Cornerstone, Nalena discovered her mother’s secret and now in Keystone she must follow her mother’s last wish. Find her grandfather’s memory. Nalena discovers that trying to find the memory will be a lot harder than she imagined. With The Fury out looking for the key they are leaving no Ianua community unharmed. Nalena and her new Cura (her community) must come together and work on finding the memory before their enemy. During the hunt Nalena must also learn what being a Contego means. With the help of Garrett and the rest of their friends and family Nali finally begins to find herself.

Will Nali find the memory? Will she finally be free of The Fury?


In Keystone we pick up right where Cornerstone left off. I must say that being able to pick up right after the last book is great when reading a series! And Keystone didn’t disappoint with the action that started in Cornerstone!

Nali has to go through a re-Impression and then has to deal with the grief of her loss. When her mother’s last words are to find her grandfather’s memory Nali knows she must honor it. But looking for it is not so easy and so her training starts. Nali is a different from the girl in book 2. In Cornerstone she was naive and didn’t know much about herself. In Keystone she begins to grow and to learn how to harness the powers she now has. Keystone is centered on her sacrifice. She needs to protect her loved ones and to honor her family. She harnesses her instinct to protect and works on actually putting that instinct to use. I must say that throughout the book you see her growth and can’t help but adore her.

Sadly all I can say about Garrett was that he was sweet. I loved the way he took his job seriously and was dedicated to his Cura. He is a warrior and you see that throughout the series. Unfortunately he was so detached through the book that I wasn’t even into the romance part of the story. The romance again takes a backside in this book.

What I enjoyed about this book is that the secondary characters are all so beautifully developed and are all a part of the story and not just background. The Cura Nali and Garrett are a part of has to come together and fight against The Fury and also search out the traitors within the other remaining Cura’s in the Ianua. Getting to meet new characters was exciting and learning of the other special powers the Ianua possess is awesome. I have to say that Zane and Robin are one of my favorites, aside from Addo and the Reese’s.  Zane and Robin also introduce the Vieo aspect of the story which I will not reveal here. Read this and find out what it is.

Keystone is jam packed with non-stop action, laughs, great characters, and a little romance. I look forward to reading JAMB next! 

BUY it. READ it. LOVE it!


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