May 29, 2012

Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

Book Description:

Enigmatic and sexy, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day, but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure. He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim, but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemption.

When the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career, but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collide.

An intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, “Gabriel's Inferno” is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible...forgiveness and love.

Christina's BookReview
 “Then you haven't lost your soul. Only a creature with a soul can tell the difference between right and wrong. Yes, you've made mistakes, but you feel guilt. You feel remorse. And if you still have your soul, you haven't lost your chance at redemption.”

I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading Gabriel's Inferno. It truly was a great story of love, trust, and redemption.

As the book starts off we meet Julianne Mitchell. A college student writing her thesis on Dante and taking a seminar under one of the best Dante specialist, Professor Gabriel Emerson. Julianne didn't want to go to The University of Toronto to study under Professor Emerson but fate had other plans for her. As Julia starts his class, Professor Emerson is an arrogant, pompous, and insensitive jerk. He automatically dislikes Julia and goes as far as asking her to drop his class. Julia is extremely innocent so when she is belittled by the Professor she takes it. To her he isn't the man she thought he was.

The truth is that Julianne knows who Professor Emerson is, or was. He was the tortured soul she met 6 years earlier and spent an amazing night with. Only to wake up and not hear from him anymore. Six years of loving a man that isn't the same anymore puts Julia in a terrible predicament. And the worse part? Professor Emerson has no idea who she is. That is until his sister, Rachel, comes to visit and sets off a series of events that leads Gabriel to remember the events of his night with Julianne (his Beatrice). But is it to late to ask for forgiveness? Is Julia finally ready to accept that her night with Gabriel was just that, one night? Will these two souls be able to forget about the past and look toward the future? Pick up Gabriel's Inferno and find out!

After we finally understand the story behind both of their past, especially Gabriel's, you can't help but fall in love with these characters. This book will make you cry one minute and smile the next. And there was alot of smiling. I found it hard to put this book down and truly loved the relationship between Julianne and Gabriel. It shows readers how difficult it can be to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and what it truly is to love someone and look past their lowest times. With a whole slue of interesting characters, two great protagonist, romance, real life events, and lots of history, Gabriel's Inferno is one AMAZING book!Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this!

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