May 22, 2012

Ink by Holly Hood

Book Description:

Hope didn’t ask for so much change in her life. She was happy living in Georgia for the rest of her life. Focusing on the things she loved the most: singing, dancing, and her best friend Karsen. This was effortless, she had no worries.

But all that changed when her mother decided to leave her dad for Pete, the Tae Kwon do instructor. And now Hope had to choose between staying where she belonged or moving far away to Cherry California with her dad.

After making the choice to move far away, to protect her father, Hope realizes Cherry is nothing like the hometown she’s used to. Everyone is rude, high class and she doesn’t fit in. Not until Slade comes along. He has never fit in and he is okay with that. And Hope is fascinated by everything that Slade is. All the way down to his tattoos and bat wielding rescue the first time they meet.

She knows she should stay far away from him, but it proves tricky as she discovers dark secrets about the town and people in Cherry, California. Hope doesn’t know who to trust as her life takes a turn from ordinary and depressing to dangerous and wild.
Christina's BookReview

After reading the synopsis to this book I figured I would give it a try and I have to say that I liked the book.

Hope Zigler is about to experience a whole new side to the world. Born and raised in Georgia, Hope is used to nice and caring people. When her mother and father split up, Hope is California bound with her dad and twin brothers. The people of Cherry CA aren't like the southern sweethearts. They are mean, cruel and have secrets. When the only person that doesn't make Cali so terrible is the towns "trouble" guy what is a girl to do?

Slade is a rock band "bad" boy. With his lip ring, black hair, blue eyes and tattooed body, Hope at first can't stay far enough from him. When he starts showing a very subtle amount of his good side Hope can't seem to stay way. Slade, is grouchy, cold at times, and emotionally disconnected. But when he lets his guard down Hope see's the good in him. He turns out to be much more then Hope could handle and as the story progresses you learn about his secrets.

On another hand there is Tucker. "The player that doesn't want to be portrayed that way". But we quickly learn that if it barks like a dog and acts like a dog then it is a dog. No matter how many times he tries to be the nice guy there is something so off about him. When Hope does find out the truth, after a terrible incident at his house, she tries to stay far away from him. Nonetheless she fails.

To learn more about Cherry and its residents pick up Ink and check it out. I will not spoil the book for you. 

The only reason this book was only 3.5 stars is because I was tired of Hope's back and forth between two guys. When she wasn't happy with one she would quickly jump to the next. Also, there wasn't as much character depth as I would have liked.We barely get to know much about characters before Hope either made out with them or slept with them. I just wished there was more.

Overall, a good and light read.

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