May 20, 2012

Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

Book Description: 

Obsessed with keeping his society-princess daughter safe--and his--Charles hires his daughter's childhood enemy to be her bodyguard. He never imagines that Ashlyn would fall in love with Colin.

Christina's BookReview
When I read the synopsis to this book I was quickly intrigued. About halfway I was rushing to finish it, but only because I got bored.

Ashlyn is sick of the life she has as a prisoner in her own home. Everywhere she goes there is a bodyguard next to her. She only has one friend, Felicity, that her father okayed. She has never had a boyfriend because it is not allowed. The only men are her companions, or bodyguards. After 17 years, almost 18, or living under the scrutiny of her father she is fed up. After getting her recent bodyguard, Stuart, fired because of his obsession with her, Ashyln is finally happy to be rid of the security. Little does she know that he wasn't her last "companion".

When her dad hires the one person in the world that has tortured her and he despises Ashlyn in infuriated. Colin, is tall, gorgeous and all about work. Little does Ashlyn know that Colin isn't the little boy that used to tease her and terrify her. He's grown, mature and very serious about keeping her safe. As Ashyln gets closer to Colin and starts to see the new side of him she can't help but be attracted to him. And all although he starts to fight it, Colin feels the same.

Although the plot was great I just couldn't get into Ashyln and her childish ways. I felt like she was a spoil brat, as was everyone around her. All she did was obsess over Colin and be rude to her parents. Don't get me wrong, her parents were very suffocating and very pompous. I understood that she wanted to live a little but when she got the chance to try and do so she would run away and force Colin to rein her in as much as her other guards. It just kept going between her playing her piano, trying to get away, and her obsession with Colin. I wished we got to read and learn more about Colin. I didn't feel any which way about him, except that he was nice and very protective of Ashlyn.

If you looking for a light read then I recommend this book.

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