Feb 22, 2013

Killing Caroline by Christina Dotson

Killing Caroline
Book Description:

Nothing can come between two sisters. Except murder…

Althea James is the girl everyone loves to ignore. Even her parents act like she doesn't exist, especially after her perfect sister, Caroline, arrives home from college for summer break. But the sibling rivalry Althea shares with Caroline goes much deeper than competing for their parents' affection. Caroline represents everything Althea isn't and never will be. Until one tragic night that threatens to change her life forever.

Suddenly, Althea is forced into the blinding spotlight of fame, but for all the wrong reasons. Her sister is dead, her boyfriend is in jail, and her parents have reported her missing. Now, caught in the middle of the media storm, Althea is the girl no one can stop talking about. But is her newfound fame worth the secret she so desperately wants to keep?
Christina's BookReview

Althea James has always had a rough childhood. She is sick of being compared to her "not-so-perfect" sister and being the "ugly" one in the family. The only person she knows loves her is her perfect boyfriend Jacob. But when Carolina takes that as well, Althea is furious and takes matters into her own hands.When Althea is finally given the attention she seeks she has to accept that their are consequences to her actions.

But will she listen to her conscience or get in with the wrong person? Will her life end like her dear sisters'?


I was given this book by it's author in return for an honest review. 

When I read the synopsis I was looking forward to reading something different. I was expecting to sympathize with Althea. Yeah...that didn't happen. 

 I'm going to be very honest right how.Everyone in this book is bat shit CRAZY!! :-) Which is an understatement. Maybe psychotic? That might not be the best word either...They all need to go see a therapist or be locked up in prison because not one of them has a redeemable quality. Well just one. Jacob was the only character that isn't included in that. He was sweet and really loved Althea and what was done to him was horrific! I wanted to reach through the book and just hug him and get him away from everyone.

Althea's sister is TERRIBLE to her and I can understand where the hate came from. I couldn't help but be relieved when she wasn't in the story anymore because I wanted to strangle her myself. Does that make me a psycho too? LOL...Trust me you would feel the way too. 

So the reasons this is only 3 Stars:
-I felt no connection with any character
-The main protag was as bad her sister in different ways
-Every character in the book was terrible, personality wise.
-There is no redeeming quality with the protag. She feels no real guilt for what she did.

Ok so I'm going to let you all judge the book yourselves. Don't expect to get a romance from this or a HEA because you won't.    

Happy Reading!!

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