Feb 20, 2013

Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly

Angel Baby
Book Description:
Since losing her husband several months ago, the only thing Claudia Warren is looking forward to is the impending birth of her child. But she goes into labor at the worst possible time, in the worst possible place. Fortunately, a strong, protective stranger—Chase Paxton—comes to her aid, saving her life and the life of her daughter.

Chase is a loner, and he likes it that way. He tries to avoid getting caught up in anyone else’s drama…so coming to the aid of a heavily pregnant woman, and being right there for the birth of her baby, shocks him to his core. Even more shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears from his life as quickly as she’d entered it.

Now, fate has brought Claudia back to him. And while Chase might try to resist any emotional tangles, he finds himself thoroughly ensnared by the beautiful young mother, and the adorable child he helped bring into the world. But can two people who’ve sworn off love for good ever move beyond past hurts and regrets to trust in a future together?

Christina's BookReview 

When Claudia Warren is away from home visiting her deceased husband she gets the surprise of her life. As she suddenly goes into labor and is by herself she must depend on the help of one Chase Paxton. 

Chase Paxton is angry at the world and a loner. When he suddenly runs into a very pregnant Claudia his life will never be the same. But when she disappears and he doesn't hear from her Chase reverts back to his shell. 

Fate has other plans for these two. Will they meet up again? or will there stories change?


This is my second Leslie Kelly book and although I wasn't thrilled with the first I looked forward to reading this one. This was a bit better but it was kind of as bland as the first. 

Claudia and Chase meet under crazy circumstances and then go on to live their lives. Nine months later they meet again and the attraction they felt the first time around is still there.So its a story of boy/girl have complicated past, both overcome it and live happily ever after. You all know I love a HEA but I don't like the "easy" ones. So this book was just a bland read for me.  I didn't have any connection with the characters so it made this a little difficult to finish.

The secondary characters in this one were actually good. I like Mel and Ryan and adored Chase's grandmother as well.

This was a sweet romance. If you want a quick cute romance then this book is good for you. 

Happy Reading!

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