Feb 25, 2013

To Begin Anew by Eliza Gerard

To Begin Anew
Book Description:

When Eric lost his wife to a short battle with cancer, he knew he couldn’t go on as he’d been doing. Tina had been his rock and his best friend - the one who had held the family together while he traveled into the city to film his own TV show. With her dying, he became lost.

But one thing he knew was that he needed to be there for his seven-year-old twins. He resigned from his show, packed up everything and moved to a small town. He was lucky to get a job in the general hospital in a larger town a few miles away, but he needs help with the boys, especially after school.

Everywhere he goes one name keeps popping up - Debra Brown. From the reports he hears, she’s the answer to his prayers, his guardian angel and fairy godmother all rolled into one.

But no matter how hard he tries, she won’t talk to him. Finally, he decides to play dirty and ambushes her with his kids in tow. If what he’s heard is true, she won’t be able to resist them

Debra has lived in the same small town her entire life. To most of the townfolk, Debra is a sweet angel. After her parents drowned in a boat accident when she was only sixteen, didn’t she drop out of high school and take care of the younger ones? And when her younger sister came back from college and married Debra’s fiancé, did she not smile and prepare a grand wedding for them?

There was no one with a finer heart than Debra Brown and who else can help the Nelson boys in their time of need? But Debra knows better...

Christina's BookReview 

Eric has been at a lost since losing his wife. After quitting his job as an actor on a popular hit show Eric moves away with his twin boys. In his new town he gets a new job but has encountered a dilemma. He needs someone to watch his boys. And not the women that are looking for a chance with the hot doctor/actor.

Everyone in town suggest that sweet townie Debra Brown would be a perfect sitter. But Debra isn't easy to convince. 
Debra has lived a complicated life. With her parents dead Debra took over raising her brother and sister and seeing to it that their future is bright. This includes handling the situation with her sister and ex fiance getting married. Now she just wants to run her Inn and go about life quietly. She isn't expecting for Eric to be persistent and to fall in love with the twins.
Will fate have something else in store for Eric and Debra? Will it be easy for them to take a plunge into something new?   


This book was an okay read. I was looking for a light romance read and this one was free so I took a chance. 

Debra is used to keeping to herself and not having to deal with others on a constant basis. When she meets the Nelson boys she quickly enjoys spending time with them and loving them. But when their father shows interest in her she quickly tries to cut off the relationship. So most of the book is her trying to stay away from Eric and him wanting to spend time with her. I didn't really like Debra and didn't feel any connection to her character. I don't feel like there was any type of change in her and didn't feel her emotions while reading. She was bland. 

They meet, she pulls away, he pulls back, she has a breakthrough, they live happily ever after
So this was an okay read. Not something I would ever read again. If you want a quick romance read then this is your book. If you want more this may not be it. 

Happy Reading! 

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