Sep 5, 2013

*BLOG TOUR* REVIEW: Striking (Forged in Fire #1) by Rachel Higginson and Lila Felix

Book Synopsis:

Cami Montgomery stole a car and smashed it into the front of a building in upscale Beverly Hills after a lousy date with the epitome of sleaze balls. The worst part, her parents are following through on threats after this latest plea for attention. Banished from her L.A. paradise and plunged into the Appalachian Mountains with her industrious aunt and uncle, Cami is about to find out how precious life really is. 

goodreads-badge-add-plus Stockton Wright has been thrust into a hard life. He sacrifices everything to give his family and community what they need. He’s exhausted from life and work—and he’s only twenty four. What he needs is some change, and some sunshine. Even he will agree to that. He just doesn’t expect to find it in a stuck up, pompous, entitled Californian. 

Cami bursts into Stockton’s life like wildfire, consuming all his thoughts and tangling him in her web. What starts out as a contentious rivalry evolves into a desire neither of them expected. When hammer meets metal, will they crack under pressure or be forged as one?

Cami and Stockton might just end up being exactly what the other one needs, but first their love will have to be drawn out in fire.

"Our love had gone through fire and forged of the hottest, most hurtful kind. But on the other side our metals had been refined into the strongest halves of each other. It was our love that defined us now. It was the love we would feel for each other every single day moving forward."
First, THANK YOU to Rachel and Lila for giving me the privileged of reading and reviewing Striking before its release!

If you have ever read anything by both of these wonderful ladies you are in for a double treat! Lila and Rachel's storytelling makes for an "oh so sweet" combination! While you fall in love with Lila's, Stockton, you will be rooting for Rachel's,Cami, to finally be loved and acknowledged!

Cami lives her life recklessly. Growing up in a household with a family that doesn't understand her and never tells her they LOVE her, Cami resorts to being a spoiled and reckless Princess.  She doesn't care about anything but spending money and spoiling herself rotten with her parents money. So after another of her stunts, which leaves her dates' car in her mother's boutique, she is banished to the mountains with her aunt and uncle. In Tennessee she is forced to take responsibility for her actions as well as WORK. Her greatest nightmare. But Cami's outlook on life does a complete 360 when she realizes that this is her second chance at life. 

Tired of being looked down upon and being a total screw up she decides to give "Hickville" a try. Starting with actually having a friend. When she meets Willa they quickly hit it off and become the greatest of friends. Unfortunately, her brother Stockton is another story.

Stockton Wright. What can I say about Stockton that will even come close to showing you how amazing he is? *sigh*

Stockton has his own responsibilities to handle and his own struggles that he deals with. After losing his parents in a tragic accident he took on the responsibility of caring for his sister and two brothers as well as taking over the family business. And on top of that, when he isn't working, he helps out the other residents in town by providing them with food and helping with the bills.  So Cami is just not on his priority list. At first he doesn't have the time to worry about the "Duchess" and her egotistical ways. But eventually he comes to know the real Cami and he can't deny the feelings he has for her. 

As Cami and Stockton both learn to deal with their past they are put through many trails and tribulations. Cami and Stockton's story is woven with hurt and betrayal, but at the forefront, passion and LOVE. You do not want to miss out on this story!

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