Sep 15, 2013

~REVIEW~ Love & Decay (Episode #5) by Rachel Higginson

Love and Decay, Episode Five Series: Love & Decay series
Episode: #5
Author: Rachel Higginson
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Purchase: AMAZON ~ B&N

Episode #5:

Morning has come to the lonely farmhouse where Reagan, Haley and the Parkers set up camp and watched as Page came down with strep throat. Hendrix and Nelson haven’t returned from their medicine run. Page is still very sick and the “contingency plan” hangs in the air.

Determined to save the boys she has come to care so deeply about, Reagan teams up with Vaughan to set out and rescue Hendrix and Nelson from whatever trouble they’ve gotten themselves into.

However, before they can liberate anybody, they themselves are captured.

Introduced to another scary settlement, Reagan is split up from the Parker brothers and put in the custody of a boy not much older than her. Kane Allen is possessive and fierce in his attempt to own and possess Reagan. She learns a fear that even in her dangerous, Zombie-filled life, she has not known before.

Before the night is over she has to find a way to escape Kane and his horrifying captivity. She will face armed guards, starving Zombies and the worst danger of them all- Kane.

In Episode # 5 we are back to Reagan's POV and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hendrix and Nelson. But when night falls and morning comes and there is no word from the two Parker brothers Reagan and Vaughn set out to bring them back. During this trip they have a heart to heart about Reagan's feelings for Hendrix and finally get things out in the open. And then trouble arrives.

When Reagan and Vaughn are captured by a new settlement they are at the mercy of the men and the leader there. But this settlement is different. Even if Reagan and Vaughn pretend to be together it doesn't matter to the people in this new settlement. Especially to Reagan's captor, Kane. Kane calls dibs on Reagan and believes that he can offer her a good life so he keeps her prisoner against her will. Because if Reagan doesn't stay, the Parker brothers will meet their deadly end.

But they underestimate Reagan and the Parker brothers. As Reagan learns about the new settlement rules she is also planning her escape because no matter how much of gentlemen Kane is she refuses to stay against her will. And while planning their escape they make allies in the settlement.

If there was one thing that I missed in this episode it was Hendrix. He is barely in the episode and after two episode without him I missed him! But I'm not worrying about it because I know Rachel will give us more of him soon! :D

Don't miss out on episode 5 of this zombieventure!!

(Episode #1 is currently FREE)

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