Sep 6, 2013

~REVIEW~Love & Decay (Episode 4) by Rachel Higginson

Love and Decay, Episode Four

Episode #4

goodreads-badge-add-plusZ ombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.
Haley Gable has been on the run from Zombies and other evils for almost two years. She is exhausted, cynical and bored. Her overactive brain is ticking away at her sanity and the endless struggle for survival ahead of her seems overwhelming.

Until she meets the Parker brothers.

Now traveling in company with five overprotective brothers and a little girl that has completely stolen her heart, Haley finally feels a breath of relief.

That is until Nelson, the middle brother, decides that Haley is exactly the girl he’s been waiting for.

Panicked by the idea of love and confused about what kind of future any relationship could possibly have when surrounded daily by the looming threat of death, Haley avoids Nelson and all his advances.

When the group finds a solar powered farmhouse, Haley’s defenses are down in light of such an exciting thing as electricity and Nelson takes the opportunity to pursue her. Caught up in Nelson’s charm, Haley has trouble resisting him and everything he offers her.

A temporary fling doesn’t sound so bad, but what Nelson wants from her is something so much stronger than casual, so much deeper than anything she’s ever felt before. Nelson wants all of Haley, every last part. But can she give up her fear and doubt and give him a chance? Will he turn her world of decay into something made of love and hope?

Love and Decay, Episode Four, is the fourth in a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.


Anyone that has been reading the Love & Decay series has come to meet all of the key players. Well in episode 4 Rachel treats us with a Haley POV. And what a delightful POV it was!

It has been two months since Reagan and Haley have teamed up with the Parker family. And we have seen the obstacles that have been thrown their way through Reagans eyes but Haley shares a different view.

Living a life of decay for two years has given Haley a new perspective on life. Once the popular cheerleader Haley is now kicking ass and trying to live day by day. But meeting the Parkers brothers, one in particular, has also given her the hope for finding something like else. Love. Or at least some semblance of it. No matter how she tries to fight it her growing feelings for Nelson cannot be denied.
Nelson. *sigh* Holy hell if i thought Hendrix was the only guy capable of making me swoon in this story I was totally wrong! Nelson is packaged in sweet, overbearing, loving, and intensity all in one! His feelings for Haley cant be denied anymore and he is intent on showing her that she is HIS. With his sweet gestures and intense feelings he will wrap you around his finger as much as he has Haley.

But although we get so much love in this episode we are also lead into a big dilemma. Page becomes sick and their is no medicine. Which leads to the major cliffhanger Rachel is torturing us with!

Buy this and join the zombieventure!


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