Sep 10, 2013

~REVIEW~ Purpose (Soul Savers #2) by Kristie Cook

Purpose (Soul Savers, #2)

New Adult Paranormal Romance by bestselling author Kristie Cook ** Mature Content ** Recommended for ages 16+ due to sexual situations and language

The story that began with Promise continues in Book 2 of the Soul Savers Series.

Defending souls is her purpose...but can she save her own?

Lost in despair, Alexis teeters on the edge of an abyss, her lifeline of hope fraying into a thin thread. If it snaps, she'll plunge into complete darkness. With the help of her son and her writing, she's been able to hold on. Until now. Erratic impulses, disturbing delusions and her own demonic blood threaten her sanity. When she's forced to choose between hanging onto hope or letting go to serve her Amadis purposes, she faces a decision with inconceivable sacrifices.

Alexis runs to the one place she thinks will provide answers, only to find herself at the center of another battle of good versus evil, not only with the Daemoni, not only within herself...but also against the worst opponent imaginable. But even if she wins, what will she lose?

In book 2 of the Soul Savers series we find Alexis in a deep depression after the loss of Tristan, 7 years ago. Each day is as worse as the last for her. Dorian, her son, is her only light in the darkness but even he can't keep away her pain. The love of her life is fading from her memory and she refuses to let him go. On top of that she is starting to feel different and is getting threatening visits from a vicious vampire warning her to stop writing her story.

So when the Deamoni try to plant their seeds of doubt into her mind, Alexis takes off. With no idea what is happening to her and her still very real pain she goes back to her paradise. Her and Tristan's safe house in Florida. There she tries to focus on bettering herself and figuring out a plan on getting Tristan back.

But the Deamoni are in uproar over Alexis story and it makes the perfect excuse to capture Alexis without repercussions. When they attack they aren't prepared for the beast they will have to face. One that will do anything to protect Alexis and one that they thought was on their side. And in lieu of not spoiling the book I will not reveal who that "beast" is.:)

After the attack Alexis is faced with the ultimate decision. Join the Amadis and fight for peace and love or join the Daemoni and have Tristan and Dorian without any worries in the world.
Purpose is filled with pain, despair, new villains, unexpected surprises and lots of love. My disappointment with this story was that more then half the book was based on Alexis's despair over losing Tristan. Although I understood her pain I also thought that she only worried about herself and not so much of the others. She was practically a nonexistent mom to Dorian and at times she made it seem like he was just an afterthought. It was something that in my eyes made her seem selfish.

All in all Purpose was an okay read. It did feel more like a filler book than anything else which is what most second books in the series turn out to be. I will continue the series at a later time just to see what is next for the Amadis.

Happy Reading!

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