Aug 1, 2012

Text Me, Guido by Adrian Staccato

Book Description:

"Text Me, Guido" is the debut novel from author Adrian Staccato, and the first in a planned series. Told entirely through text-messaging conversations, the book follows five Italian-American college friends as they complete their final semester of school. 

They are: Enzo, Sofia, Giulia, Claudia, and Phil. 

Enzo is your typical bronze-tanned Guido. The son of a wealthy home builder, he spends his days at the gym and his nights at the club. When he’s not buying drinks for his friends, he’s showering his longtime girlfriend, Sofia, with gifts – making her the envy of the neighborhood. Her friends, Giulia and Claudia, secretly hope the two will break it off, but Sofia is set on marriage and eagerly awaits Enzo’s proposal. 

 Enzo’s friend, Phil, is the outcast of the group. He dislikes to party, and attributes the “Jersey Shore lifestyle” to the decline of civilization. Nevertheless, he finds himself infatuated with Giulia – a crush since kindergarten. Giulia, however, is wildly insecure and has no interest in his bookish ways. She has her heart set on Enzo – and with a little maneuvering, she might just get what she wants! 

Christina's BookReview 
 Enzo is in love with Sophia.Giulia is in love with Enzo. Phil has a crush on Giulia. And Claudia is just looking for someone to be with. 

Through a series of text messages, this gang of “friends” live their everyday life. Reality TV style. Like every group of friends on reality TV, there are the following: 

Enzo- The Jock 
Sophia- The Prom Queen 
Giulia- The Easy One 
Claudia-The Friendly One 
Phil-The Studious one 

These friends live everyday partying it up and reveling in the drama of being complete opposites. Through the messages you learn that not everyone in their group is a friend. With friends like these who needs enemies? Will their friendship survive the craziness? 

When you first look at the cover and the synopsis you might think it’s the not the type of book you’re used to reading. And you’re right. Text Me, Guido is compiled of a series of text messages sent between the five friends. It is completely different from what people are used to. This book has the possibility of being liked or being hated. It isn’t for everyone. I personally enjoyed it. From the beginning you are thrown into the lives of each friend and know that they are a crazy bunch. You immediately know you are in for a Reality TV style drama. Backstabbing friends, outrageous partying, and snobby girlfriends, what more proof do you need? :)
By far my favorite two characters in the whole book were Phil and Claudia. They were both pretty level-headed and you can’t help but root for them to be together. Like every person that sees Reality TV, everyone will root for their own people. I personally HATE reality TV, so with Claudia and Phil being the only “real” characters, it was easy to like them. 

My only complaint? That it was just all messages. I found myself wishing that I knew what happened during the time when they weren’t texting. The time in which most of the things mentioned, happened. Like in reality through messages you only get the short version and that’s what we got in the book. I was craving the detailed version. 

The author had me craving more at the end with the HUGE cliffhanger. So many questions left unanswered… 

If you want to try something different and laugh a little try this book!

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