Aug 16, 2012

The Wild Ones by M. Leighton

Book Description:

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future.

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately.

His family depends on him.The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of.

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.

Christina's BookReview
"One day you'll know what it's like to love someone like that, to want to be with them every second of every day, to crave their company and their touch more than anyone else's."

Camille(Cami)Hines is the daughter of a prominent thoroughbred breeder. She has it all, a great family, a bright future and a great friend and boyfriend. When Cami arrives home for the summer he intention is to learn more about her fathers business and spend time hanging out with her best friend, Jenna. All of her plans change when Cami finally meets Patrick (Trick) Henley.

Trick Henley has a different life then Cami. He spends his days working and night drowning his sorrows with a bottle of Patron. Trick has dreams of being able to train and tame wild horses. Unfortunately he has no way of accomplishing them, because of his family issues. If Trick thought his life was complicated enough it is about to get twice as complicated. That complication comes in the form of, Cami Hines, his bosses daughter.

When the two meet they are instantly drawn to each other. As they continue to "bump" into each other the two fight relentlessly to not want each other. Trick needs his job and will not put it in jeopardy, Cami will not be the cause of Trick losing his job and his only source of income. Unfortunately they were both lost in each other since their first encounter. Will these two be able to jump all the hurdles they are about to encounter? Or will there different lives drive them apart? Pick up The Wild Ones and find out!

Picking up this book was the best thing I did! I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading Tricks and Cami story. These two are completely opposite but completely similar as well. Trick has dreams and he has the will and strength to accomplish them. He is one put together male protag and that is what will make you fall head over heels for him. There aren't many times where you meet a hot, smart, loving, and funny accomplished male protag. I loved being able to get his POV because it opens you up to his life and his wants and needs. From the moment Cami notices the green-grey eyes of Trick and hear his first words you are instantly lost to him. Trick will have you wanting him to show you his Treats throughout the whole book! Cami will not be the only girl wanting to be in his presence at all time.

Cami is a pretty headstrong female protag and I liked that she wasn't a pushover like most girls are in the books. She was sweet, caring, and had spunk which always makes a book easier to read. Although she was raised as a spoiled princess she didn't let her family's wealth diminish her personality or morals in any way. From her loving relationship with her maid to her close relationship with her best friend, you learn that she is like any regular girl. Her feelings about wanting to protect the people she cares and loves for will have all the readers endeared to her. I liked her because she fought for what she wanted but also tried to protect it as well. Trick was lost to her from the moment he saw her fiery red hair and blush.

I Loved Loved this book! I loved all the steamy moments between Trick and Cami and loved their relationship. Like many relationships, they had their struggles, but they couldn't fight what their hearts wanted. If you want to read a hot, steamy romance pick this up! You will not be disappointed. M. Leighton has given us all ANOTHER swoon worthy guy that will keep us up reading to all hours of the night and ANOTHER headstrong girl that will have us rooting for her HEA.

Pick this up and get both, Trick and his Treats! :-)

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