Nov 23, 2012

Becoming Mrs. Walsh by Jessica Gordon

Book Description:

Shoshana Thompson is 26 years old, miles from home, and engaged to be married into one of Washington D.C.'s wealthiest families. Andrew Walsh, her fiancé, is Shoshana's vision of the perfect man. Throughout their engagement, she becomes enamored with his privileged lifestyle.

Rumor has it: when you marry a Walsh, you're set for life. Her socialite sisters-in-law show her how to live in a Walsh-style world, but just as she is starting to get acclimated, this world introduces her to someone who may shake up her perfect wedding plans.

While Shoshana navigates the tricky world of in-laws and societal wedding planning, she desperately tries to ignore her growing feelings for another man. She knows that exploring this love will threaten her existence as a Walsh. But, when she discovers the feelings may not be one-sided, she knows things are about to get a lot more complicated, especially because this man is absolutely off-limits.

As Shoshana learns, the view from the top is not always the clearest.

Becoming Mrs. Walsh is a story of relationships and the richly layered complexity of family, in-laws, and love.

Christina's BookReview
“Rumor has it: when you marry a Walsh you are set for life. Only one thing can screw it up.”


Shoshana Thompson is about to marry into one the world’s wealthiest family. She has never grown up wealthy and does not fit in with her high maintenance sister in laws. But she is not willing to give up her chance at finally being able to move up in the world. She will learn how to be a Walsh and learn to cope with her future in laws. But when a wrench is thrown into her perfect plan Soshanna realizes that maybe Becoming Mrs. Walsh isn’t a smooth ride. Not when her future husband isn’t the man that she’s in love with. Not when her heart is quickly learning what real love is. And not when she falls for the least expected of people.

Shoshana is about to learn that Becoming Mrs. Walsh maybe isn’t the best idea.

Will she listen to her heart or follow her mind?

My Take

(I was given this book by author in return for an honest review.)

When I read that synopsis for this book I was quickly intrigued and looked forward to starting it. And I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I think the author does a great job of showing the readers the good and bad of marrying into a different type of family. This one being a wealthy one.

Shoshana is the small time girl wanting to grow into a big time woman. She is marrying one of the wealthy Walsh brothers and has her life planned out. But I couldn’t help and quickly realize that she isn’t in love with Drew but in maybe love with his status. During the book you definitely seem to get that vibe.

Andrew (Drew) Walsh is distant, cold at times, and only has one love in his life. His job. Throughout the book you don’t find many redeeming qualities in him. At least I didn’t. The only thing good about him was that he wasn’t abusive. But how can he be when he’s so detached.

The Walsh girls consist of the Barbie look alike (Ariel), the sophisticated socialite (Zoey) and the glamorous sweetheart (Rachel). Each girl is different and each girl shows the readers what being a Walsh girl means. I personally loved Rachel and loved her relationship with her Walsh man, Alex.

Now for the Walsh Men, we have Drew of course who is everything I said above. There is Erik, who is pretty much quiet and reserved. We can’t forget Alex, who is funny, loving and adorable. And finally there is Mark Walsh.

Mark is a total sweetheart and quickly puts everyone at ease. You automatically like him and as the story progresses he makes you want more and more of him. I liked how he joked around with Shoshana and how he makes her comfortable when the family is a little overbearing. In the end you understand his decision and can’t be too upset with him.

This was a quick and good read. What made me upset was the ending which I’m hoping isn’t the ending because I definitely need a sequel like right NOW. I kind of lost all respect for Shoshana at the end for the decision she made but am hoping that she can earn that back in the sequel. I also could have done without some of the the designer talk.

My 4 star rating for this comes from liking most of the Walsh’s, especially Mark, and because I’m dying to know what happens next.

All in all I think this book deserves to be read so PICK IT UP! You will be entertained and so engrossed in the lives of the Walsh’s that you will be asking for more!

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