Nov 12, 2012

Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson

Book Description:

There are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives. For Christian Davison, it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth Ayers. For five years, Christian has regretted the day he walked away from his family and will do anything to win them back. Can Elizabeth forgive someone who has committed the unforgiveable? Or are there some wounds that go so deep they can never heal?

Christina's BookReview

“What do you want, Christian?”
What did I want? To make her smile, to wipe away her tears, to hold her. To be a father, a real father, not one in title, but on who’d earned that right. I wanted to stay.
“I want my family,” I forced through the lump in my throat.”


Christian Davison has been living a life filled with regret for the last five years. Every single minute of his days are filled wishing he hadn’t been such a coward and had made the right choice. Unfortunately it’s too late to take back that moment. It’s not too late to try and redeem yourself, though. One moment will change the course of his life forever. A change he welcomes and fights to make. As he tries to make the past right and come to terms with the repercussions of his decisions five years ago Christian learns what it truly means to love.

Elizabeth hasn’t been the same since the night Christian crushed her heart. For the past five years she has tried in vain to forget his smile, his eyes, the darkness of his pitch black hair, the way her heart beat for him. But how can she when her reason for existing is the exact replicate of him? And when he comes back into her life how is she supposed to deal with the anger and resentment that has built in her for the last 5 years? How can she forgive the one person that has and will always hold her heart in his hands?


Okay let me start off by saying that this book WILL pull at your heart in so many ways. It is filled with romance, heartbreak, and so much adoration.

When you first begin this book you are thrown into the love that Christian and Elizabeth have for each other. A few pages in you are just as utterly heartbroken as Elizabeth is. Nothing could redeem what Christian did and you are infuriated by his cowardliness and lack of respect.

And then we flash forward 5 years. Christian has been living a life of regret and in one moment his life changes. His baby girl is his exact replica.

When we meet Lizzie you can’t help but love and adore her, and want for her to finally have a family. The love and adoration that Christian automatically feels for her shows you just how powerful the bond of a parent and child can be. All of the heartwarming moments that they share will have you smiling like the Cheshire cat. The way Lizzie implicitly loves her dad and accepts that he now wants her, shows you that children are easier at forgiving then parents.

Elizabeth doesn’t have that same view. She is hesitant to have Christian in her and Lizzie’s life and you understand her pain. She must come to terms with that fact that Christian is there to stay and he wants his family. But letting him in is a constant struggle that we witness during the book. Her heartache and pain will match the one you will feel as you read this heartbreaking story.

I cannot continue without acknowledging the role Matthew plays in this entire book. He is the hero that sweeps in to help Elizabeth during her time of need. But he doesn’t make this love triangle. No, Matthew is Elizabeth’s best friend and her backbone. He stepped in when Christian refused to and isn’t going anywhere. He truly is a wonderful guy and you automatically adore him for his protectiveness and love of Elizabeth and Lizzie.

I will acknowledge that this book did have some faults. Such as grammatical errors, repetitiveness, the constant use of Elizabeth and that the writing wasn’t the best.

BUT what it all comes down to is… Buy this book! Read it! Fall in love with this story as much as I did!

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