Nov 9, 2012

This Side of Forever by Juliann Farnsworth

Book Description:

When Michael Devereaux, a biotechnology graduate student at Brigham Young University, suddenly finds himself "accidentally" engaged to his best friend's sister, he is faced with a choice. Should he marry the beautiful and wealthy model, Kirsten Talon, or follow his heart? His choice will lead him on a heart-pounding, life-threatening journey that promises more complications than he bargained for. This book will leave the reader laughing, crying and dying to turn the next page.

Christina's BookReview


Michael Devereaux is a graduate student living a solitude life. When his best friend, Nick Talon, sets him up with his little sister Michael thinks that maybe he can try communicating with women. As the two “date” Michael seems content with the relationship he’s built with Kristen. And then he’s suddenly engaged to her and still he seems to be content with the outcome. But Michael isn’t expecting the turn his life is about to change. That change coming in the form of Nicole Talon.

When Michael meets the third Talon sibling he isn’t prepared for what he discovers. And as he spends time with Nicole and begins to finally realize what a real connection between man and women is his world turns upside down. Now he must make a decision, marry Kristen or let go and find his true love.


I have to say that although I like the premise of the story and the outcome I wasn’t excited reading this. It dragged a lot, had a lot of grammatical errors, the characters had no depth and some events were unrealistic. The book was constantly jumping from one character to the other and I found it to be tedious and unnecessary.

The main characters were dedicated to their faith so there was a lot of that going on in the book but it wasn’t overbearing. There were also the secondary characters that didn’t walk in the same steps as the main characters and seeing them go through their journey in some way was nice to read about.

All in all a 2.5/3 Star read because the premise was something new to read and unique. It was a quick read and I wanted to know the outcome so I finished it.

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