Nov 19, 2012

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

Book Description:

When teenager Allison Glenn is sent to prison for a heinous crime, she leaves behind her reputation as Linden Falls' golden girl forever. Her parents deny the existence of their once-perfect child. Her former friends exult her downfall. Her sister, Brynn, faces whispered rumors every day in the hallways of their small Iowa high school. It's Brynn--shy, quiet Brynn--who carries the burden of what really happened that night. All she wants is to forget Allison and the past that haunts her. But then Allison is released to a halfway house, and is more determined than ever to speak with her estranged sister. Now their legacy of secrets is focused on one little boy. And if the truth is revealed, the consequences will be unimaginable for the adoptive mother who loves him, the girl who tried to protect him and the two sisters who hold the key to all that is hidden.

Christina's BookReview

Allison Glenn went from being the “It Girl” to being the town's most hated person. After serving time for a terrible crime Allison is prepared to patch up her relationship with her family, especially her sister Brynn. But Allison soon realizes that forgiveness is not something that can be earned by her loved ones. As Allison tries to get her life on track her sister Brynn can’t escape the memories of that terrible night.

Brynn Glenn was always second to Allison. She was the awkward baby sister and the family’s disappointment. But when Allison commits the ultimate crime Brynn suffers the consequences just as much as Allison. Being known as the sister of the “murderer” makes Brynn’s life a living hell. One she cannot escape from, especially at night. Now with Allison out of prison things are about to get much more complicated.

What no one knows is the secrets that are kept between the sisters.

Can these sisters patch up their relationship? Will the secrets from the past come back to haunt them? Will they be able to overcome the pain from the past?

My Take

Okay so I went into this expecting to be really enthralled in the storyline and mystery of it all. For those that know me, know that I love a great mystery and I try to figure them out ahead of time. Though this one took me on a rollercoaster ride it lacked the depth that was needed in the characters.

The twist and turns in this book were sometimes unexpected and other times shocking. I was so consumed in trying to figure out one half of the story that I completely missed the other half of it.

Although I enjoyed getting to the bottom of this mystery I was disappointed with the writing style. The characters were a little one dimensional and I didn’t feel any sympathy for some of them. This book deals with a very heartbreaking crime and getting the full story of it took the whole entire book and was a little repetitive at times.

Good story but it lacked character depth. I will however read more from Heather because she writes a great suspense-filled book and I loved her work with The Weight of Silence.
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  1. It's a shame that this wasn't as good as you'd hoped. The blurb sounds really interesting!

  2. Yeah I was really look forward to reading it but it just wasn't as great as I thought it would. It was good but not great.