Jun 24, 2013

REVIEW: On Every Street by Karina Halle

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)
Book Description:

When young con artist Ellie Watt decides to call herself Eden White and go after the drug lord who ruined her as a child, she never expects to fall for one of his henchmen. But Javier Bernal is no ordinary man. Subtly dangerous and overwhelmingly seductive, Eden finds herself passionately in love with Javier, the very person she's set-up to betray. With her body and heart in a heated battle against her deep need for revenge, no one will walk away from this con a winner.

This 50K word (100+ pages) novella takes place six years before Sins & Needles. It can be read before or after Sins & Needles and may also be read as a standalone.


"We all have our first loves. They come and they go. Just because he’s your first love doesn’t mean he’ll be your last. Take it from me, the human heart is much more capable than we give it credit for. Being able to love again is a choice.”

Ellie Watt used to be a pretty happy child until the dreadful day that left he with scars. Scars that ran deeper than skin. So years later, Eden White, is ready to extract the revenge on the man who ruined her life. Full of anger, vengeance and selfishness. She doesn't care about the others involved as long as she can finally feel peace. But when Javier is introduced Eden finds out that revenge is not for the weak heart. Once the heart is involved, control is lost.

Javier Bernal is hot, exotic, charming and lethal. He falls for Eden and succumbs to her innocence and her heart. He embeds himself in Edens heart and marks his territory. He is possessive and acts very much like a member of a cartel. Hot. Cold. Lethal.

Their story will have you smiling, terrified, and tearing up throughout this novella. They have an intense and passionate relationship. Which boarders on an obsessive love. A beautiful song that has you feeling every emotion possible. But a love built on lies can never survive.

Eden learns a hard lesson. One I was happy she learned. Edens life with Javier was a train wreck waiting to happen and when the trains collided all hell broke loose.

It was great to read this novella before Sins & Needles because it gave me the story of Javier. With that said I have to prepare you for the greatness you will read in book 1. Sins & Needles will introduce you to a whole new Eden/Ellie and a new kind of love!

Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it.


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