Feb 12, 2014

~REVIEW~ Girl on Tour by Caisey Quinn

Girl on Tour (Kylie Ryans, #2) Synopsis

An up and comer trying to make a name for herself...

Kylie never expected to be stuck on a tour bus with a pampered princess and her boyfriend's ex.

A troubled artist struggling to hold onto his career...

Trace thought he was finally getting to do things his way. Until the label added co-headliner Gretchen Gibson, the only person in country music with more issues than him, to his No Apologies tour.

Surrounded by tabloid rumors and people they can't trust, Kylie and Trace need each other more than ever. But the choices they make will change everything.

Because chasing your dreams and following your heart don't always lead you to the same place...



Caisey Quinn does is again! Girl on Tour is the continuation of Kylie's story.

The book starts off with Trace and Kylie together, the world is alright. But when Kylie is chosen to go on tour, without Trace, the two are separated for six weeks. However, between the separation and the struggle that Trace is going through to hold onto his career, things start to unravel. When the media gets involved the two stars find it hard to not let them destroy what they have.

Girl on Tour will test out Kylie and Trace's relationship in more ways then they can handle. Ms. Quinn did a wonderful job of portraying the significance the media has in a stars life which was wonderful to read about. Although these two are put through the ringer you get to experience the journey of Kylie's dreams coming true through her eyes.

And while Kylie is off trying to learn more about the world she is now apart of, Trace is struggling to stay above water. Trace...damn Trace just about frustrated me in this. The poor man spent this whole book trying to be a better man but with all the shit thrown his way he struggled. His struggle with his addiction is so real that it makes you sad every time he falters. This part of the story was not an easy one for these two. It was filled with so much sadness but in between that you felt the love between these two and the moments they did have together were just as intense and steamy as in GwG.

We are also introduced to new characters in GoT that will have you wanting to get more of their story. I adored Kylie's friends and her growing friendship with her busmates. Mia, Lily, Olivia, and Steven were all wonderful read about. I look forward to possibly hearing more about them in the future.

Then the ending left me wanting more! So much so that I was biting at the bits to get my hands on the final book!

Go pick this series up and enjoy!

"She’d learned an important lesson though. If you give everything you have to other people and they don’t have anything to give you in return…you end up with nothing. Not a single thing"
 "I've never wanted anything like I want you. Not a drink, not a drug, not even music.Not a single damn thing, Kylie. Do you understand that?"


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