Aug 28, 2013

*Reckless Rebels Blog Tour* Character Interview w/ the stars of Striking by Rachel Higginson and Lila Felix

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Strikings heroine and hero, Cami and Stockton! Thank you to Lila and Rachel for sharing them with us!

For those of you who have no idea what Striking is about (I'm SMH because you should!) click HERE.
For those of you who are just as anxiously awaiting this book, I hope you enjoy my interview with Cami and Stockton!

Cami and Stockton thank you for being here today! 

Cami: Thank you so much for having us on your blog, Christina! Stock and I are so excited to be here.
Stockton: Thanks for having us. Cami needed an excuse to wear those heels anyway.  She’s been whining about it for weeks. *Cami slaps Stockton on the arm*
I'm glad that I can help! I know you two are very busy so why don't we get started!

If you were to describe each other in five words, what would they be?

Cami: Oh my, I’m going with burly, dirty, hillbilly… Just kidding! Stockton in five words is easy for me, Loving, giving, hard-working, hot-as-hell and so super talented he blows my mind every single day. Was that five words???
Stockton: Only five? Damn…headstrong, spoiled, gorgeous, loving, determined, prim, proper, pompous. *Cami slaps him again* Just ignore the last three.

What is your favorite quality in one another?

Cami: My favorite thing about Stockton is his ability to look beyond people’s choices and see something worthy in them. He did this with me, got to the root of who I was and even found some good stuff in there. He does it with his friend Shriver on probably a daily basis. He’s just perceptive and people feel that and feel comfortable around him. He makes people want to be better than what they are. Also, he’s really good at kissing. That just needs to be said.
Stockton: Cami’s best attribute is her tenacity.  It doesn’t matter how wrong that girl is, she’s gonna be wrong ‘til the cows come home.  But it was her tenacity that showed me where I was falling short.  Plus, she never hesitates to stand up to me and call me on my crap.  I love that about her.

How do you picture your lives 5 years from now?
Cami: If you say barefoot and pregnant, you’re sleeping on the couch.
Stockton: I would never—now sky high Jerry Choo or whatever those things you wear, and pregnant.  I’m good with that.
Cami: Seriously, in five years I would like to be finished with school and off into whatever career that means for me. Maybe I’m working somewhere, maybe I’m just working on my own novel on our front porch, but I want to be writing. And ok, maybe barefoot and pregnant wouldn’t be so bad.
Stockton: In five years I’d like my family to be settled.  Cami and Willa finished with school and steady in whatever they choose to do—and Cami and I making babies.  I had to say it.

Whats next for you two?
Stockton: For me, I’m just always working on new designs, looking for new materials and new techniques.  Cami has been writing and I’m hoping for her to finish something soon since she won’t let me read her work until it’s finished.  Really, I think she assumes this hillbilly can’t read her big words.

Will you be appearing in the following books?
Oh yes! Stockton’s siblings need help- like serious help. Good thing they have us!! Plus, Willa’s my bff. That girl couldn’t get rid of me if she tried!

Stockton: Somebody’s got to keep the Wrights in line.  Bridger’s a mess and West is just buck wild.

In a movie of your lives, who would play you?

Cami- Stockton would of course be played by the delicious Channing Tatum. I mean, poor Channing would need to do some serious work to look as good as my man, but I think he could eventually pull it off.
Stockton: Is that the guy in that stripper movie? Fine, if he gets to play me then I choose Kirsten Prout for you. All she needs is a royal attitude and a heart of gold, no sweat.  Although, I’m sure she wouldn’t look half as hot in my shop.
Cami- I’m very impressed that you know that, Stock. All my Hollywood gossip must be rubbing off on you.
*Stockton hangs head, embarrassed*

Okay so I have few quick "This or That" questions! And then we can wrap up and you two can enjoy a day at the lake or...spend some quality time together... *I laugh as  they both turn beet red and smile at each other*
Morning or Night?

Cami- For sure night. There was like three seconds of my life when I thought I would turn into a morning person when Mallory had me up and working at the crack of dawn every morning. But Stockton fixed that with all his late night visits. First, he kept me up all night outside of my bedroom. Now he keeps me up all night inside of the bedroom.
Stockton: I can’t believe you just said that.
Cami- What?
Stockton: Moving on…

Music or Literature?

Cami- While I love to dance, I’m going with literature. I’ve calmed down these days and there is nothing better to me than curling up with a good book.

Stockton: Music, hands down.  Alpha Rev fills my playlist.  I may have sung some to Cami last night at our window date.

Movie or TV show?

Cami- TV show. For sure. More specifically, Reality TV. I am obsessed with all that drama. I mean, now that my life’s not full of it, I can enjoy it in other people’s lives.
Stockton: Have you seen Duck Dynasty? I love that show and Fast and Loud.  And this woman and her drama shows.  You’d think she’d be done with drama, but no.  I think she feeds off of it.

Boxers or Briefs?

Cami- Boxers. Oh wait, you didn’t mean me.
Stockton: Don’t listen to her, she wears my boxers too on top of those lacey things—Praise the Lord for Victoria’s Secret.  They should build a local one, I’d keep them in business for sure.
*Cami blushes*

In one sentence tell the readers why they should read Striking.

Cami- Read Striking because our story is beautiful, it’s complex, a little angsty, but mostly it’s the story of two people with real problems that find each other and then save each other with a life-changing kind of love.

Stockton: Um—it’s good, just read it. Now I need to get my girl out of here, all this talk of lace and making babies has made me—we just need to get home.  Thanks for the interview.

Thank you both for stopping by today!
These two were a joy to interview! Don't miss out on their story! Striking is coming SEPTEMBER 1st!! In the meantime ADD Striking to your Goodreads shelf and click HERE for the synopsis!


  1. Awe!! Babies!!
    Such a great interview! I laughed so much!
    I love Cami and Stockton (and Rachel and Lila!)

  2. HAHA...They are all AWESOME!I could not stop laughing! :D